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Why You Should Own A Diaper Pail

Updated on February 11, 2015

I Could Not Live Without This Product

I was so excited to hold my new baby. I slept next to him every night. With little sleep. There was so many things I did not know back then so I asked so many questions.

Some took advantage of my nervousness. They tried to meet their own goals when I was in pain. They wanted me to deal with my credit cards alone while I was very medicated. I wanted help but could barely move off the couch. I did ask for help. What I didn't know is that most new moms feel the same way I did when I had my baby. I am sure they would not want to be a stepping stone to a Masters degree for someone that I would to this day never talk to again.

There are people that will take advantage of the new mom. I know, I had a goals. That was what kept me on track. I had many items already set up before I had my son. The only thing I would have done differently is that I would have used baby wipes to wash him. I was really tired after the first few months of his birth. Also, I use the cheep ones now that come in the larger package. Those are cheaper and they a small amount of them can easily fit into a sandwich bag.

As the title says, I could not live without this product. After, having my first son ... I could barely move. He would cry and I would feel horrible about getting up so slowly. But, that is what happens after having a baby. I couldn't move fast. Also, I couldn't imagine living without a diaper changing table with diaper pail right next to it.

You may say that you had no trouble walking to the trash can. I say, "I was in a great deal of pain." I was lucky ... I was not wearing diapers myself. So, for me the diaper pail was the best decision.

There are many choices. Just pick one. I could not care less which one you pick, as long as, you have one.

1, I conserved my own energy by keeping the pail close.

2. It saved me time in reaching the garbage.

3. There were so many diapers that I need a place to put them all.

Image of DChance with her son.


Conserve Your Energy

I had many things in place before I had my son. I even bought a desk to change him on along with a cushion so that he would be comfortable. Under the desk was my diaper pail.

I was moving from room to room every time, I had to change diapers. As it was not easy to move ... I was grateful that I thought of a plan to change him.

It was very hard to bend over let alone change him in a crib. The pain alone would have made me faint. I took more drugs for that later.

image: DChance

Time Management

I had a daily planner to help me understand how many times a day he went to the restroom. This let me know that he was healthy.

I could ask the doctor if it was, "Ok," for my son to go the restroom this many times or go pooh so many times a week.

Keep other appointments in this one, as well. You should already have one of this for baby classes and doctor's appointments.

photo from:
photo from:

Too Many Diapers

There were so many diapers that I needed to put them in something. I didn't want to put them in the normal trash because I believed that the trash would stink too much. This allowed me to keep the diapers away from the other trash.

Diaper Pails

I owned the Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail. Also, I had plenty refill boxes: 5 or 6 at a time.

It is a good idea to keep some air freshener near you changing table, too.

When the Diaper Pail will not close it is time to change the refill bag.


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