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Kids got the Wiggles. Get the Wiggles out with Fun Book Activities

Updated on January 13, 2011

Winter or a rainy day will not keep the kids down, with these fun must move to books and activities.

Children need to move. What a great way to spend a day inside with a great book that gets them up, moving and grooving. Join us as we explore movement through bouncing, wiggling, stretching, yoga and more. Get ready to move.

Set the mood with a great read aloud poem.

A little wiggle, jiggle and some giggle will go a long way.

Sometimes you wiggle

and you don't know what you can do.

It starts at your little toe

Oh no, say it's not true.

The wiggle, has added a jiggle

and you must move around.

So start the wigglin and jigglin

without falling down.

You could try to sit or even lie around.

But try as you might,

You just can't stay down,

As you wiggle, jiggle, and giggle out of sight.

By Misti Hight

Did you know?

It is recommended that preschoolers (age 3-5) have 60 minutes or more of adult-directed active play and 60 minutes or more of free active play each day.

Tips for Reading Aloud With Your Child

Find a quiet time to read together. One of the best parts about reading aloud is having your child sit on your lap or snuggled up to you.

Before reading the book, talk about the book cover, the title, and what the child thinks the book will be about. Then do a "book walk" before you read by quickly going through the book and asking your child about what is happening on each page. This gives you time to talk about the illustrations and help build vocabulary. After reading one or both books be sure to ask your child some questions.


Do you

wake up

with a


Do you


out of bed?

For energetic toddlers and preschoolers, here is a book that invites them to wiggle along with the story. Told in rollicky, wiggly rhyme that begs to be read again and again. Wiggle will have your children up and moving in no time.


Bounce a ball right off your hands.

Bounce it off your toes.

Try to bounce a beach ball on the tip of your nose!

If your toddlers and preschoolers did not get enough "Wiggle", invite them now to hop, leap, pounce, and bounce to their hearts' content (though not on couches!). Because, after all, it's better to have bounced and bumped than never to have bounced at all.

What was your favorite way to wiggle or bounce?

What is the silliest way you can wiggle or bounce?

Enjoy a Good Wiggle and Bounce

Besides the books being so great. Here is great movement activities when you are done reading.

Physical activity is essential for a child's overall development. Put on some bouncing and hopping music and get ready to move. Ask your child to make up a "Wiggle Dance" or a "Bounce Dance". The important thing here is to make sure that you join in. A good wiggle or bounce is a great stress relief for adults.

Materials Needed

3 different colors of crepe paper streamers

construction paper

markers or crayons





A Great Extension Idea.

Make a ribbon wand.

The wands are easy to make with easy to find materials

1. Roll and 8.5 x11 sheet of construction paper into a tube, which is about 1" in diameter. (This is the common size of construction paper.) Make sure you roll it the long way.

2. Fasten the tube with piece of tape at each end and a third piece in the middle.

3. Cut whatever color of crepe paper streamer, each 36" long. I suggest at least three streamers, but more can be used.

4. Fold each streamer in half. Hold folded ends together and fasten with a staple or glue.

5. Place a piece of tape around the joined ends and secure it into the top of the wand. Pinch the top of the wand together around the streamer and secure. I suggest this be stapled for durability.

Did you know?

Current statistics show that 37% of American school children are overweight and one in every 4 is obese. Inactivity is hurting our brains as well as our bodies. So, get up, get moving, and have fun.

Still feel the need to wiggle. - Try some of these Wiggles.

Stretch - "Stretch with me, hands in the air! Count to three...Hold it right there!"




Can you stretch to the ceiling?

Can you stretch to the floor?

You can stretch with a whisper;

You can stretch with a roar.

Now that you have wiggled and bounced the energy out, get out the last book in the series. Read aloud with your child and start your cool down. Have the children join in with the fun...


Extension activity using math and your toddler and preschoolers body.

1. Numbered index cards 1 through 10 or use two sets of dice.

2. Allow the children to take turns drawing a number from the pile or roll the dice. Use some of the stretches from the book, and you have a fun movement activity


Three more books, to keep your children moving and reading.

From Head to Toe

Are you ready?

Here we go!

Move yourself

From Head to Toe

I can do it! That's what kids will say when they wiggle, stomp, thump, and bend across the pages of this book. Laughter and squeals of delight will abound as boys and girls (and their elders, too!) participate in the action.

My Daddy is a Pretzel

Limber up with this unique, child-friendly yoga book! Created for parents and children to share together, but also suitable for adults and older children to use alone, My Daddy is a Pretzel not only introduces a range of postures, it also connects the practices to everyday life, showing how families can integrate their yoga with their activities in the world. A light-hearted look at yoga, yet one with a lasting message, My Daddy is a Pretzel is a wonderful introduction to yoga for readers of all shapes and sizes.

Clap Your Hands

Take off your shoes and jump right into this bright, energetic, read-aloud rhyme filled with sing-along and act-along verse which invites youngsters to swirl, twirl and spin for an exhilarating read-and-play time.

SquiDirectory - Visit the SquiDirectory Squidoo directory, and find something interesting to read about!

Please share some of your favorite books that you use to get your kids moving. - Drop me a note before you bounce off.

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    • ChrissLJ profile image


      7 years ago

      "Going on a Bear Hunt" and "Sock Monkeys Do the Monkey Monkey" always leave me exhausted afterwards.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      7 years ago from Central Florida

      Some great ideas here, so I'm going to feature this on my Storytime Ideas: Themes for Librarians and Circle Time and lensroll to Fingerplays for Children.


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