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Decorating with Chocolate

Updated on June 6, 2016

Decorating with Chocolate

Chocolate garnishes are extensively used and easy to make. Here are a few easy garnishes. Use tempered chocolate for making chocolate scrolls, shapes, drizzles and leaves.

Grated Chocolate
Chill the chocolate and hold it with a piece of folded paper towel to prevent heat of the chocolate over it. Use as required. It is advisable not to handle this chocolate with your hands.

Chocolate Curls
Bring a thick piece or bar of a chocolate to room temperature (chocolate which is too warms will slice and which is too cold will grate). To make the curls, use a shrp knife or a vegetable peeler firmly along the edge of the chocolate to produce long or short curls to the dessert or you wish to garnish.

Chocolate Scrolls (Cigarates)
Melt the chocolate and pour in a thin layer of 2 mm. (1/12”) on a clean stone or marble surface. Allow to set until just firm. Place a sharp knife on the surface of the chocolate to form scrolls. The cooler the chocolate, the more will it splinter. Warm chocolate will give a softer, looser curl but if the chocolate is too warm, it is very difficult to handle.

Chocolate shapes
Melt the chocolate and spread a thin layer onto a sheet of butter paper. Allow to cool until firm. Using a cookie cutter or sharp knife, cut into various shapes like triangles, squares, circles etc.

Random Shapes
Melt the chocolate and pour it into a paper piping bag. Cut the tip and make the designs of your choice on a butter paper.

Chocolate Leaves
Wash and dry thoroughly any fresh leaf with distinct veins and a good shape such as rose leaf, bay leaf etc. Melt the chocolate and using a pastry brush or spoon, coat the veined side of the leaf. Place these leaves, chocolate side up on a butter paper. Cool till firm and then gently peal away the leaf starting at the stem.


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