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Gluten-Free Diet | Gluten-Free Cooking | Healthy Choices Cook Books For Self-Sufficient Lifestyles

Updated on February 2, 2012

Healthy Choices Gluten-Free, White Flour Free, Sugar Free Cookbooks

Gluten-Free, Healthy Choices Cook Books

Gluten-Free Cooking Cookbook offers 121 recipes for this special diet and lifestyle. Sales of gluten-free food products have doubled in the U.S. since just 2005 as people are finding a gluten-free diet more desirable. It has been estimated that nearly 8% of the U.S. population have some type of sensitivity to gluten. “G-free” is not just for those with total gluten intolerance; for some people gluten is harder to digest, or irritating. People are looking for gluten-free products and recipes some claiming it provides higher energy for them, as they want to avoid a gluten hangover. Others claim it helps them diet and loose weight. We don’t know about all these benefits, but we do know that the Amish know cooking and good food, even for those on special diets. When we saw this cookbook we knew we just had to add it our Cottage Craft Works General Store. This is a 101 page spiral bound Amish recipe cookbook for years of use

Healthy Choices Cookbook offers a common sense approach to a healthier lifestyle. The recipes in Healthy Choices are sugar-free; use no white flour, and no artificial ingredients. With 1,093 recipes this Amish cookbook offers a wide range of traditional and modern recipes that help protect, maintain and encourage the good health you seek for you and your loved ones. There is not a better investment toward your retirement than in your health. Without good health the simpler things in life are just not as enjoyable. Take the first step toward better health. Start with healthy food choices.

Purchase both of these Amish cookbooks online at when you are there look around a bit, we have all types of cottage made products to help you live a more back to basics lifestyle.


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