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Make Popcorn the old fashioned way for a low calorie nutritious snack

Updated on September 3, 2012

Even the healthy popcorn packs still come with the extra additives of hydrogenated oils and artificial flavorings.

Like many American food even simple popcorn has been packaged for a quick microwave snack. Many do not realize the manipulated package has various potential unhealthy additives and artificial flavorings and then loaded with sodium, which we know is very unhealthy.

Even the healthy popcorn packs still come with the extra additives of hydrogenated oils and artificial flavorings. And the cost for all this convenience adds up to nearly $2 per bag.

Natural pop corn by itself can make a very low calorie, low sodium nutritious snack. The healthiest popcorn is to eat directly from an air popper without adding salt and butter flavoring. Some might equate this experience to chewing on Styrofoam packing peanuts as unflavored popcorn has very little taste.

The next best option is to control the amount of oil used to pop the corn and to use low cholesterol popping oil such as Canola. We use just a little oil in our hand crank popper and then while the popcorn is still hot we sprinkle a little parmesan cheese over the top to add flavor. We use no salt, as I’m on a low sodium diet.

The problem most will encounter is not having an adequate popper to use the smallest amount of oil possible. The old time hand crank stove top popper are still probably the best way to pop corn with limited oil.

It works much like the commercial poppers used at the movie theaters. It has a rod and a blade that continuously rolls the popcorn on the bottom of the pan to prevent it from burning. The rod is turned by a hand crank assembly mounted into the handle.

Like many great American products the mass merchandisers have sought out cheaper ways to copy and mass produce the old time hand crank popper. Many who have purchased these poorly made versions have quickly found them inadequate and returned to the more modern conveniences.

There are still heavy duty poppers made of thick Stainless Steel pots and heavy metal gears instead of plastic. You can purchase them on line at such places as Cottage Craft Works. Com. They carry Lindy’s ™ a line of heavy duty surgical Stainless Steel cookware sold throughout and used by the Amish communities.

The Lindy’s ™ popper is still an imported product but since the Amish purchase products for the long term these poppers are still being made to the old fashion manufacturing standards.

The selection of popcorn also plays a big role in the taste and the amount of popped corn that is popped we have found through our own use that it will take almost twice of much of the off brand store bought corn than using a higher quality popcorn.

If you really want to sample some great Amish grown popcorn Cottage Craft Works also features Yoders Popcorn a Northern Indiana company who has been growing and perfecting popcorn for over 75 years.

You can even try a sampler pack that contains six 1.5lb bags of the Yoder Premium Yellow, Yoder Premium White, Yoder Sunburst, Yoder Red, Yoder Baby Blue, and Yoder Lady Finger Popcorn. When you return for more, which you will, you can purchase more popcorn in 6lb and even in 50 lb bags.


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