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Nutri Steamer | Multi task cooker | Steam cooker | Stock pot | Roaster | Steam Juicer.

Updated on September 3, 2012
Nutri-Steamer | Steamer | Cooker | Juicer
Nutri-Steamer | Steamer | Cooker | Juicer

Nutri Steamer by Victorio

This all in one multi-task stacking cooker may just be the best kept cooking secret ever for the home kitchen.

It’s not a new fad cooking gadget but a solid cooker that has been used for years and continually improved by customer input.

It can used to steam large and small batches of healthy vegetables, cook rice, make juice, and still use the pot part to cook soups and roast.

Made of 18/8 Stainless Steel, this cooker is not one of those as seen on TV wonders either, it is made to last a family a life time of use, a very large family at that.

It has not been marketed in the main stream of cooking appliances so not many are even aware of its existence.

Understandably, it is one of the most popular cooking appliances for the back-to-basic self sufficient lifestyle families. It has been used for years in the Amish and other sustainable living cultures.

The bottom pan holds 6-Qts of water for the steaming processes. The 11.5-Qt colander insert holds vegetables, rice, fish, and other popular food items that cook more healthy using concentrated steam.

The steam also helps to tenderize meats that would normally be tough when cooked by other means.

The colander can also be used to wash vegetables pour hot liquids through, or to drain off pastas.

The bottom pan can be used as a regular stock pot. It is ideal for boiling, stewing, roasting and baking. The lid can be used on the bottom as well as the top sections.

One of the most unique features is probably the juicer; it is easier to use than a fruit press, or boiling and processing fruit into juice. The steamer opens the fruit fibers allowing the fruit juice to filter down into the juice kettle.

Within an hour you are able to drain out a concentration of pure juice ready to bottle, or to make jelly, and syrups

Stainless Steel is easy to clean up as well. Stacking components store easily on a shelf when it’s not in use, but this cooker probably won’t be collecting much dust as new owners explore all the cooking options to use it for.

About the only thing that can ever go wrong with this cooker is the need to replace the drain tubing, which can be ordered extra with it. It even comes with complete instructions and a cookbook.

Available online at the full line sustainable living general store located at Cottage Craft Works .com


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