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Oyster Season- How to Choose and Eat Your Oysters

Updated on June 4, 2012

Oyster Season

Oysters are a shellfish you either love or hate, many people will say they do not like oysters even though they have never tried this enigma from the oceans. They have a delicate flavour that is only comparable to the sea itself.

With their hard and lumpy grey shells, oysters can appear very unappealing from the outside,but once you enter the rocky exterior a succulent and seductive encounter awaits you.

There has long been a mystery surrounding the oyster, and it has often thought to be a rarefied treat for the the diner, but it is possible for us all to enjoy the exotic and alluring oyster, especially as there are now many more oyster farms.

Choosing Your Oysters

Early on in the year you should look out for native oysters or Pacific oysters(also known as rock oysters).

Choosing your oysters involves using your eyes and nose. pick those with undamaged shells that have no cracks and are pleasant to smell.They should be tightly closed or should snap shut when you tap on the shell.If this is the case the oyster is dead and should never be eaten.

If you are storing your live oysters , keep them in the fridge wrapped in a damp tea towel and eat them as soon as possible.

Opening Your Oyster

Always wear protective gloves when you open your oyster.Use a knife with a short, thick blade and insert it at the hinge and twist, sliding the blade up to cut the muscle that keeps the shell shut.

Eating your Oysters

So how should you eat your oyster?. Many people prefer to eat them raw, just simply add lemon juice and let the oyster speak for itself. Roll it around in your mouth, chew it a little(to taste the flavour) then, just let them slide down.Try not to waste anything,savour all the juices.You can also try them with vinegar or Tabasco sauce.

Cooking Oysters

Pacific Oysters are preferred for cooking and are great deep fried in breadcrumbs.

You can try them grilled with Parmesan cheese ,in beef and oyster pie or fried after dusting in cornflour and served in a buttered baguette.I have recently seen on a menu "oysters with poached eggs". Must give that a try!

Oysters are Good for You

Every body will associate oysters with their aphrodisiac reputation,this is because of their high testosterone-boosting zinc content.

Oysters are also high in protein and low in fat. Whatever you think of oysters, you must give these wonderful shellfish a try!


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