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USA Grain Mill Manufacturer Expands Models

Updated on May 10, 2013
Model 99 Original GrainMaker
Model 99 Original GrainMaker
Model 116 Commercial Size GrainMaker
Model 116 Commercial Size GrainMaker
New Model 275 Roller/ Flaker Mill
New Model 275 Roller/ Flaker Mill
Model 35 Economy GrainMaker
Model 35 Economy GrainMaker
Example of the optional table clamp
Example of the optional table clamp

The manufacturer of the GrainMaker a respected USA made grain mill has expanded with new models.

Bitterroot Tool & Machine a Montana based company developed and introduced a grain mill in 1999 called The GrainMaker.

The GrainMaker like many solid USA made products came out of the frustration and necessity to develop a high quality product that would last a family or even a small business a lifetime in making their own flours, grain mixes and cereals.

These mills will remind you of the old country general store that had similar grinders mounted on the store country to grind fresh flour and coffee.

One of the key differences of the GrainMaker mills is the one pass solution to reach the flour stage, whereas other machines may take several passes.

Originally designed for local friends and customers, the success of the GrainMaker has now developed in to a USA and even an International success story.

Nowhere else can customers find such a well built and dependable grain mill on the market place.

While most grain mills are imported or use imported parts, GrainMaker makes all the bodies, burrs, handles, right in their shop using only the highest grades of steel and stainless.

The original Model 99 has been the staple of the company. It was just the right size for most families to grind fine flours, to coarse grains for even animal feeds. The mill will even grind coffee.

As people began the desire to become more self sufficient a larger Model 116 was introduced that provides larger capacity using 6” burrs verses the 5” burrs used on the Model 99.

Model 116 is perfect for large families to even a small commercial bakery or milling operation.

Obliviously the heavy duty construction is reflected in the price for both models. To satisfy the need to balance the quality of an American made product compared to cheaper made imports and to make it more affordable for the entry level family, GrainMaker introduced a new Model 35.

Model 99 retails for $675,and Model 116 retails for $1265, while model 35 retails for $325.

While model 35 uses 3-1/2” burrs and has a smaller hopper, it provides the same heavy duty results of its big brothers, making it perfect for this population. The Model 35 will just take a little longer and may not grind the most fine powder consistency of the larger models.

The Model 35 may be a bit harder to locate as it is still rather new on the market and the lower price point does not leave very much of a profit margin for dealers.

As people started to become tired of high priced and preservative added store bought cereals they began to search for a way to roll and flake their own grains.

In response to this need GrainMaker introduced the Model 275 Roller/Flaker Mill. This mill probably falls in between the model 99 and model 116 compared to the heavy duty construction, and is priced just above the Model 99. Model 275 retails for $725.

In looking at the overall price points, one might also consider the versatility of the GrainMaker products. What is good for humans can also be good for animals. The GrainMaker products also mill out great animal cracked corn and grain based rolled feeds.

The versatility also includes having a perfect coffee grinder and even a peanut butter maker.

Models 99, 116 and 275 all come with a “V” groove pulley to adapt a geared electric motor or alternative power source running under 200 RPM. Model 35 can only be used as a hand crank mill.

Just imagine the applications and alternative power sources, including even attaching them to a stationary bicycle.

GrainMaker products are heavy duty enough to share with others making them perfect to split the cost of ownership.

All the GrainMaker mills can be bolted directly down to a work table or clamped to a table using an optional clamp.

You can purchase the GrainMaker Mills directly through the factory at

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