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Which Is Better Rapeseed Oil Or Olive Oil?

Updated on December 10, 2012
Rapeseed oil
Rapeseed oil | Source

The Oil Match

Olive oil plays a major part in the healthy Mediterranean diet and has long been held up as the healthiest of all oils, and it certainly is.But is it about to be exceeded by rapeseed oil.

The great benefits of the Mediterranean diet is it is linked to the inclusion of olive oil and fish which contain omega 3 fats.Rapeseed contains 50% less saturated fat than olive oil and also contains omega 3 and 6 fats that are considered favourable by nutritionists.

Rapeseed Oil

This crop was originally grown by British farmers to stem the growth of weeds, and the oil was also a major ingredient of the war time innovation margarine.

Today it is known as the British olive oil and is beginning to gain respect in the culinary world as well as giving excellent nutritional value.

Rapeseed was brought to the British shores by the Romans, and was widely used in the making of soap and also in oil lamps. It was never grown commercially until the early 1980's when British farmers obtained a subsidy for growing the crop.

Pure rapeseed oil was manufactured in the nineties by some select farmers that realised the potential of the oil to be a premium oil rather than mixing it with other oils.The Rapeseed oil was only introduced to the major supermarkets in 2005, though it was quietly gaining in reputation.

Today the British rapeseed oil is seen as a serious rival to the health values of olive oil.

Oils And Your Health

Rapeseed oil contains the vital beneficial omega fats that help to lower cholesterol. Beneficial fats play an important role in a healthy diet as they are anti-inflammatory and the mono-usaturated fats that make up more than 50 % of rapeseed oil have been shown to reduce low density lipoprotein (LDL), regarded as the bad cholesterol.

In a comparison with olive oil overall, rapeseed oil contains 50% less of the saturated fats, and five times the level of omega 3.

Cooking With Oils

Like wines, oils can vary widely, and with many people it is the flavour that counts. The warm peppery and generally fruity flavour of olive oil can also differ depending on which brand you prefer.The stronger flavour of extra virgin olive oil is great for salads and just pouring onto your favourite foods.The lighter oils add flavour to stir frying.

Rapeseed oil in comparison has a much more nuttier flavour, and this much gentler flavour does not transfer to cooked foods. Rapeseed is considered to be quite versatile and its less harsh flavour can lend itself to both dressings and frying.

Deep frying is not recommended for either oils.

Rapeseed oil is also cheaper than olive oil.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Yeah me too, Thought that olive is cheaper because rapeseed is hardly available here. Thanks for valuable information

    • Francesca27 profile image


      5 years ago from Hub Page

      I did not know that Rapeseed oil is cheaper than olive oil. Will give it a try.


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