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Review of Peanut Chews Goldenberg's Chew-ets Original Dark

Updated on October 18, 2012

Introduction to Peanut Chews

Goldenbergs Original Dark Peanut Chews are distributed, as of the date of this article, by Just Born, Inc in Bethlehem PA. Just Born's website states that this candy bar has been a favorite of Philadelphia for 90 years.

I have to be honest, it is one of my favorite candy bars too. I buy this candy fairly regularly from a local vending machine. I thought it was about time to do a review on this excellent candy bar.

The Look

Peanut Chews have a dark chocolate color on the exterior of the candy. Each bar you buy consists of a number of bite sized portions. These portions each look like a mini candy bar.

The inside of the candy consists of small broken peanuts suspended in molasses and other ingredients.

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The Size

The particular Peanut Chew bar I purchase consists of six (6) bite sized candies that measure approximately 3/4" wide by 1- 1/2 inches long. I love the size of this candy. The bite sized portions make it easy to eat without getting chocolate in your front teeth.

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The Taste

This has a very enjoyable flavor. While I enjoy dark chocolate, I do not generally prefer it over milk chocolate. Dark chocolate to me is tasty but also consists of a refreshing, yet sometimes annoying smack-in-the-face if you will overbearing flavor. For me, having milk chocolate is like having a steak, whereas having dark chocolate is like having a more gamey meat. Gamey is great every so often, but steak would be my daily preference.

With that in mind, I could not imagine enjoying this candy as much with anything except dark chocolate. The dark chocolate for some reason does not taste that, eh, "dark"if you will. I am not sure if it is because the peanuts or, somehow, the molasses (?!) tempers the dark chocolate flavor to a more delicious level or if there is something I am missing. It is very good.

The bar is not too crunchy either. Yes, Peanut Chews do have plenty of peanuts inside. Yes, you can taste the peanut flavor just fine. The bar, though is more on the "chewy" side rather than the "peanuty" side (more on that below). This is a good thing. Chewing a Goldenberg's Chew-Et Peanut Chew is not at all like biting into a hard granola bar or even a Planter's Peanut Bar (which I did a review on also, see link below). Nor is it even like biting into the not-too-crunchy, not-too-soft Snickers candy bar (another ingenious creation).

One Peanut Chews candy bar (six bite sized pieces) is enough to ease my sweet tooth. One bar satisfies no problem. I won't need another one until the next day. This is a good thing. Some junk food, potato chips come to mind, are impossible for me to put down once I get started. The Goldenberg's Chew-et Original Peanut Chews stem my appetite in a delicious, satisfying way until my next meal (or the next day when I buy a new Peanut Chew bar)

Is It Too Chewy?

In a word, No. Actually it is just right. I find the name, Peanut Chews, to be a little misleading. You would think that it would be one of those chewy candies that sticks all over the inside of your mouth. Rest assured you will be able to chew this candy with no effort. You will not find this stuck to the roof of your mouth, excessively stuck to your teeth, or experience the inability to move your jaw. It just simply isn't that sticky and that is a good thing. There is not extra 'effort' needed to eat this snack.

Peanut Chews Bars

Check out image below for delicious peanut chews

The Value

Then vending machine I buy this from charges 80 cents. Price may vary with other vending companies but 80 cents is what I pay. Since the taste to me is delicious and my appetite is satisfied, I think the 80 cents is a well spent, afternoon treat.

Of course, and I always say this, if you can go and get the same thing at the local grocery store at a less expensive price, do it. You'll get even more pleasure for your buck.

Package Warnings

Peanut Chews' wrapper has a 'milk' warning printed on it. According to the wrapper, the equipment that makes these candy bars also comes in contact with milk products. If you have a problem with milk, maybe this product will have a problem with you.

I was a little perplexed as to why they do not put a peanut allergy warning on the Peanut Chews bar? I think they probably should but then again maybe since, eh, "PEANUT" is in the title of the candy, warning people about peanut allergies would be too overdone. I'd be careful to stay away from this candy bar if you are allergic to peanuts.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information is subject to change. The nutrition information reads as of March 2011 as follows

Serving Size = 1 package (6 pcs, 56g)

Amount per container = 1

Calories 270

Fat Calories 130

Total Fat 14 grams (22% DV)

Sat Fat 6 grams (32% DV)

Sodium 90mg (4% DV)

Total Carbs 35g (12 % DV)

Dietary Fiber 2g (10% DV)

Sugars 24g

Protein 5 g

Vitamin A 0%

Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 2%

Iron 4%

Niacin 10%

Thanks For Stopping By!

Thanks for reading my review of Peanut Chews bars. I hope you enjoyed it. Please read some of my other posts linked down below! Thanks!

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