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10 Delicious dish in Hue - Have you eaten yet?

Updated on March 21, 2016

Delicious food in Hue

1. Hen Rice

Hue surely remind everyone to think about the first mussel rice dishes, by this rustic dish, is present everywhere from the small restaurant in marketplaces, on street corners to the chic restaurant in the city of Hue.

Mussel rice with mussels, but the main material is then pretty much additive as greaves fried shrimp sauce, salad, banana flower, bean sprouts, shredded white body taro, peanuts ... All bring a flavor mix charming and very characteristic pungent of Hue.

This dish can be found everywhere and very cheap price. Often there are kiosks selling mussel rice vermicelli served the mussels, clams soup, if more time you should try to eat this dish even more. Some suggested places to eat mussels:

- Shop in Con Hen, Hen Tails Dacom in Hue

- Small shop in the alley intersection Ms. Pham Hong Thai - Truong Dinh

- Truong Dinh Quan at No. 2

- Quan Porridge - Noodles - Rice mussels at 98 Nguyen Hue

- Han Mac Tu Street Area

- The pavement of Tran Nhan Tong Street, near West Market Loc.

2.Bun bo Hue

We can say this is not only famous dish in Vietnam but also famous worldwide. Most foreign tourists are aware of this dish by numerous articles in newspapers and magazines from abroad or travel bloggers are famous beef noodle soup dishes mentioned as a tasty dish in Hue irresistible noi.Mon dining in Hue

Every morning, you can Hue beef noodle shop is visible everywhere, prices ranging from 20-30k / dishes depending shop but the quality can be said is free of blame. This dish has flavor and color characteristic without any food derived from spices such as lemongrass, chilli color, paprika, pepper, garlic, onion, shrimp sauce ... A bowl of beef noodle in style must have a piece of pork leg, sausage grasp, more pork, and beef slices ... and most importantly vegetables must be eaten fresh.

Suggested a few places to enjoy this dish:

- 13 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, next to the guesthouse Union

- Restaurant "Acne Drops" near the temple Truths

- Bun Le Dien Bien Phu

- Noodle on Nguyen Du Ba Phung

- American Mrs Bun in 71 Nguyen Cong Tru

3. Canh Cake

We can say bread soup is a dish popular in the central region, but not the same everywhere. In each province, this dish was altered slightly to suit people's tastes change or availability of raw materials such lands. Hue bread soup, too, carries special flavor of red broth of crab and shrimp, cooking mixed with cashew nuts for better colors. Fiber bread soup is also very special, transparent, soft chewy without crushing. Bread soup mentioned in Hue, the often-mentioned Nam Pho noodles and bread soup Ms. Wait.

Why is called Nam Pho noodles because this is the typical dishes of the South Prussia, Phu Vang district, sold at street vendors or driver chieu.Mon the delicious morning in Hue

Wait She also bread soup is mentioned very famous bread soup bar at the bottom of a small alley on Dao Duy Anh Street. Should the family shop at the waiter, visitors often have to wait longer to call her shop is always Wait.

In addition to cakes, the crab soup in Hue also has snakehead fish cake soup, is also worth a try. Snakehead fish is cooked, separate meat and marinade to infuse flavor. Herringbone is crushed, strained broth to cook the fish to water. This is how to make things taste sweet broth, naturally.

Some places to enjoy this delicious dish in Hue:

- Bread soup shop on Pham Hong Thai

- Phan Boi Chau Doc, Chang'an

- Snakehead soup cake shop in Huong Thuy Thuy Duong

4.Che Canyon

The tea restaurant in Hue usually located in small alleys suddenly "tea Alley" became a well-known brand. And it sure does not say to where tea has many kinds of tea as in Hue. Only royal tea has more than 36 kinds, from sophisticated processing to a display means. Tea from green beans, lotus seeds, green pineapple ... to sound strange items like tea than half yellow wax, cotton tea cau, tea roast flour ... Then tens popular teas such as corn tea, tea, millet, tea potatoes, beans ... in the tea shop in Hue the next you can eat without seeing dozens of bored but also one that could not be able to enjoy all kinds of tea at Hem o Hue day.Che

The most famous tea shop in the city of Hue is located deep in the alley shop on Hung Vuong Street 27 Linh Lan her. Tea shop open since 1985 and to date she has more than 70 years old but still look each hand frit tea.

Some tea shop in Hue:

- The tea cell line near the park Youth

- 31 Nguyen Hue Imperial Tea

- Tea Stars in Phan Boi Chau Street

- Tea shop in Truong Dinh

5. Hue Cake

How diverse Hue tea cakes in Hue is also equally diverse. If to Hue, visit Dong Ba market and you should try to enjoy a plate of cakes here, you will be surprised to see. Each dish will be enough cake specialty cakes such as dirt cake Hue, wet bread, tapioca pudding, banh nam, less ram cake ... always delicious bread type, is also interesting.

Hue delicacies

Dirt cake can be considered a dish to stick with the people here an intimate way, are white, thin as a leaf, cast in a small bowl, pie. Many street vendors or just carrying a small basket, dirt cake salesperson offers to sell each house. Or in Hue with the neighborhood known as "Neighborhood dirt cake" like An Dinh Ngu Binh Street, Nguyen Binh Khiem Street ...

Tapioca pudding is made from cassava, the shrimp cake, fatty meat, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Tapioca pudding is another area favorite people that if they go to buy a hundred Hue were brought as a gift for the people at home.

All these cakes usually are sold at the shop selling bread.

In addition, a favorite bread is bread, usually served separately is not in itself wheel disc types. Pleasure pour crust grind rice flour mixed with egg yolk, workers peeled shrimp, beef or roast bird meat sliced, diced fat part, sprout ... But things create the perfect flavor for this cake is the main sauce. Most delicious cake shop favorite, the most famous is probably the favorite cake shop Shanghai Quartet with three branches is Lac Thien Thanh and Bach Yen Lac.

The place to enjoy delicious cakes Hue:

- Cake shop on Chi Lang Street, Dien Bien Phu, Nguyen Hue

- Quan Ba ​​Do, 71 Nguyen Binh Khiem

- Quan Ba ​​Cu, 47 Nguyen Hue

- Hang Me restaurant in Vo Thi Sau

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6.Nem lui

Many people often say "Nem lui is one of the thick Hue cuisine" '. In addition to raw materials is being skewered grilled nem lui on the charcoal fire is delicious in this dish is served with vegetables and sauce in prepared material from dozens of other delicious nhau.Mon in Hue

Vegetables eaten must include herbs, contract, price, sliced ​​green banana, fig living ... Sauce is also very picky, was prepared from pig liver, oil, cornstarch, sugar, soy sauce, cinnamon spending, anise, coconut ...

Nem lui eat once and then you will want to eat the 2nd, 3rd ... and then once to Hue also want to enjoy it, even to go home and still looking for someone to shop nem lui very similar taste in Hue .

These delicious bars in Hue nem lui:

- Dong Ba market shop front

- Quan Phu Quy road - Nguyen Hue

- Quan Hanh at 11 Pho Duc Chinh

7.Com Hades

A tasty dish in Hue that rather strange name, causing more curious tourists with "Want to eat a plate lyrical, ma spy shop behind Hades" Hades rice dish. But can say this attractive dish from forms to taste. The origin of this dish is derived from rice shop called Hell on Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hue near the stadium. Quan has opened nearly a hundred years and before only open at night, flickering oil lamps should be newly named as Sheol vay.Com Hue

A plate of rice infernal trap you will enjoy the eye first by plate has all 7 colors, furnished very artistic, very brilliant. Steamed rice is cooked in rice An Old in the middle, surrounded by bacon, pork bologna Hue, shrimp, baked rolls, scrambled eggs, herbs, cucumber ... When you eat, the less you miss a fish sauce sprinkled on top, mix well and enjoy it. Rice Hades is now served from the canteen in to the luxury restaurant.

Am Phu rice shop in Hue:

- Restaurant 35 Nguyen Thai Hoc

- Restaurant 51 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Hue vegetarian 8.Com

Space Hue purity, peace, indeed very appropriate to enjoy a vegetarian meal. Vegetarian and Hue can be said has been elevated to an art. Raw materials only from vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, green beans ... but vegetarian meal served on a platter reflect all heart and effort of doing it.

Vegetarian meal in the temple is probably the most delicious, and you can ask any vegetarian meal at the temples but also in the city of Hue with Tu Dam Pagoda of female monks, nuns cook delicious vegetarian. Often th A full moon day in the temple and are attempting to run the Buddhist invited pilgrims to the temple.
Otherwise you can go to:

- Lotus Restaurant: Le Quy Don street No.3

- Bodhi shop on Ba Trieu

- Quan Tinh Binh Thuan Thanh ward

- Quan Tinh Tam on Pham Ngu Lao street

Delicatessen in Hue

9.Bun barbecue and wet cake barbecue

Barbecue and wet noodle cakes are common barbecue is barbecue ingredients. This dish is quite popular in the Central region and the South. Marinated kebabs material quite carefully and meticulously, when toasted soft, not dry, slightly sweet taste characteristic. Despite mixed with wet cake bun or wrapped, the two things are indispensable to make up the ethos of this dish as vegetables and sauces.

The delicious grilled meat noodle shop located in the area:

- Kim Long Street, Thien Mu Pagoda road

- Dong Ba Market Gate

- Noodle barbecue on Ba Trieu

10.Cac Hue delicacies can bring back as gifts

- Nhat Le Banh chung: the very famous dish in Hue and streets originating from Nhat Le Hue trongDac into cabinet. Banh chung here very special, small only by hand and are sold in pairs.

- Shrimp Sour: a flair dishes of Hue, made from crayfish, not too big nor too small for a beautiful form. Right through to a dozen new phases are finished, it is tofu sour shrimp with eye-catching color and pungent flavor.

- Tré Hue: a look through the dish nem chua seem similar, but very different. Raw materials must be prepared to work late ripening and includes many spices. Delicious young and the kind done by hand rather than machine-made because when the hands will not be crushed material and retain the original flavor. believe the typical dishes of this region always satisfy even the most discerning traveler. So you do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the last part of Hue culture dish.


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