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10 Beautiful Edible Flower Desserts

Updated on November 4, 2016

Edible flowers are a sweet, delicious treat and a great decoration to any dish, although some of the desserts are true works of art, or just so special, that you could never think they exist.

Persian Love Cake


1. Persian Love Cake

The legend about this cake goes as far that a woman wanted to make a Persian prince to fall in love with her, so she made him a beautiful cake, which looks like a work of art. The special thing about this cake is its ingredients, for they always include rose water and caramelized rose petals all over this work of culinary art. The other ingredients usually include spices, whipped cream and pistachios, which makes it believable that the prince from the legend fell in love with the woman who presented this cake to him. Various recipes of Persian Love Cake can be found in the cookbooks and even in the internet, so give it a try and surprise your loved one!

A recipe can be found here.

Chocolate and Rose Petals

Chocolate and Rose Petals
Chocolate and Rose Petals | Source

2. Flower Petal Chocolate

There are many things you must try in your life, including different kinds of chocolate, especially if flower petals are added to them. Made with different kinds of petals, including Swiss Alpine flowers (it most often has the rose petals though) and different kinds of chocolates, they can be found in many chocolate houses of Western Europe, most often France.

With dried raspberries and strawberries often added to it, it becomes not only a very refined treat, but also one of the most beautiful things you can give to your sweetheart to show your love. Order some, or make some yourself if you are good with making chocolate, and you can be sure it will become one of the most beautiful valentine or wedding gifts ever.

There are many kinds of recipes and different flowers to add to it, but one example can be viewed here.

Candied Flowers

Candied Flowers
Candied Flowers | Source

3. Candied flowers.

The people of the Victorian Era associated candied flowers with elegance and fanciness, so they were sometimes added to cakes and desserts. In modern days they look no less elegant, and if you want to surprise your sweethearts, your family, or to add some romantic charm to your dinner, candied edible flowers are the most fitting thing for you. Very easy to make, they can decorate the wedding table, the birthday party, and even serve a good bed for a wedding ring if you want to propose. Children love candied flowers no less than adults, so add some magic to their life! Let them eat a sweet rose petal, or a lavender flower candy. Caramelized lavender is often bought as a French souvenir, for its purple fields are one of the things which attract the tourists to the country the most.

Here is a recipe.

Rose Water Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight | Source

4. Rose Water Turkish Delight

If you ever go to Turkey one of the things you will be most impressed about will be the great variety of sweets in the local markets. The Turkish delight is the most famous of all of these, so delicious that it was mentioned and popularized in C.S. Lewis’s masterpiece, The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe. And, while they all are a dream of sweet-lovers, this kind is no doubt more beautiful than the others, for it is made of rose water--and sometimes real rose petals--often with pomegranate juice in it. This queen of Turkish lokum can take a lady’s heart and can truly become a reason to go back to Turkey after you try it once.

A recipe can be found right here.

Rose Petal Ice Cream

Strawberry, Kashta (rose water) with pistachio, & Cantaloupe Ice Cream
Strawberry, Kashta (rose water) with pistachio, & Cantaloupe Ice Cream | Source

5. Rose Petal Ice Cream

Popular in India, it is also something every person can make at their kitchen. It is so very pretty in appearance, and yet so wonderful-tasting that it is hard to believe how simple it is to make. The recipe is very easy, for it is basically the standard recipe for all ice cream, with some rose water and edible rose petals (maybe even candied rose petals, if you want) added to it. It is something very simple and very tasty, yet so delicate, so you will want to make it again and again.

A recipe can be seen here.

Flower Jam

Rose Jam
Rose Jam | Source

6. Flower Jam

Flower jams come in all shapes and sizes. Some cultures even consider them a traditional sweet, like Bulgarian rose petal jam, which is widely used in the country and gladly enjoyed by the tourists who visit it. And, though the rose jam is something extremely tasty, there are many more kinds of flowery jams being made all around the world. Lavender jams are usually mixed with fruits and berries, to add to their taste and to soften it. Hibiscus flowers make a very unique taste which is rather popular in South America. Some people make violet jam, which is indeed something new and fascinating to try. Orange blossom jam can be bought in some Middle Eastern stores, and no doubt tastes as sunny as it looks.

The recipes of making jams vary, though the flower jam recipes are not very different from the regular fruit ones. If you like jams, you should give it a try and be daring enough to use different combinations; as long as they are edible flowers your creativity should know no borders. Try a few here!

Sakura Dessert

Sakura Jelly
Sakura Jelly | Source

7. Sakura Flower Dessert from Japan

Japanese people are known for liking soft and beautiful things, and one of the things they enjoy the most is the beauty of the cherry blossom flowers. This beautiful jelly dessert named Kingyokukan, is a true work of art, for it has a little cherry flower in every one of them and having one on your table is the pleasure both for your lips and for your eyes.

A recipe for it can be seen here.

Rose Marshmallows

Pink Marshmallow
Pink Marshmallow | Source

8. Rose Petal Marshmallows

Speaking of the rose petals which can be added basically anywhere, one shouldn’t forget the rose petal marshmallow. A little bit less delicious and simpler recipe than the traditional rose Turkish delight or the rose ice cream, it can still become a favorite treat for those who admire marshmallows. There is also no doubt that it is much less exotic and easier to make. Caramelized rose petal or edible dried roses can be added, both creating a specific scent and rosy taste, and the rose water will not make it worse either.

The more refined Ispahan marshmallows have lychee and raspberries in them too, though it is only an option and a point of taste. Save it for the cold evenings along with the cup of tea, and let its soft flowery taste charm you.

A good recipe for them is here.

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Lavender Cotton Candy

Pink and Purple cotton candy
Pink and Purple cotton candy | Source

9. Lavender cotton candy

Both tasty and magically purple, this unusual cotton candy will surprise you with its notable lavender smell, and its perfect sweet taste. You can try to make it at home, if you are good in making cotton candy, though even if you aren’t some shops gladly sell it to you. Give it a search and you won’t be disappointed.

A recipe is available here.

Rose and Violet Truffles

Truffles | Source

10. Rose and Violet Truffles

Even though, the edible flowers are rarely being added inside of the truffles, and mostly being used as a decoration, the Rose and Violet Truffles are the sweet exception of this rule. Filled with the essence of roses and violet flowers, and sprinkled with their petals, they are native to Great Britain and gained their popularity in 19th century. These truffles are the treasure for any truffle-lover, and a great gift if your girlfriend wants to try something special. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to make them at home, but you can always order a box for yourself online.


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