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10 Foods That Kids Usually Hate

Updated on January 10, 2017

When it comes to food, most kids are really picky. They even throw tantrums when they don’t like the food that their parents prepared for them. It is heartbreaking for a parent to see their efforts being hated by their precious child, but no one can actually avoid that situation. As much as we’d like to help them in developing and growing into a great adult, they seemed to dislike our efforts. Parents would really love to see their children eat those green leafy vegetables, round fruits, and not those evil sweets that makes their tooth ache.

While the most favourite of the kids was chocolate, followed by chocolate biscuits, crisps, yoghurt and ice cream, researchers have also shown that there are many common foods which kids used to hate. In a recent survey, it is revealed that avocado is the top 1 food that kids usually hate. Aside from avocado, what are the other foods that the kids strongly dislike? Here are some of them:

1. Avocado

For health conscious ladies, avocado is a true gem because it contains vitamins which aids in weight loss and skin improvement. An avocado is rich in vitamin C and high in fibre and potassium. It also has high levels of folate, which helps the growth and reproduction of cells and reduces the risk of birth defects in pregnant women. A single avocado also contains a third of the recommended daily dose of vitamin E, which is thought to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke and can also help protect the brain from damage.

But to the eyes of the younger ones, avocado is just a slimy, gross, green food which smells like ‘eeww’. In the recent survey, it seems like cabbage and eggplant is now embraced by kids and the new enemy is the avocado fruit. Many scientists were disappointed by the results, because avocado is actually one of the healthiest fruits in the world, and for it to be consumed by kids would bring so much benefits. Dr. Wendy Doyle of British Dietetic Association said that avocado is the most hated food because of its unusual texture, rather than the taste.

2. Leeks

Another leafy vegetable hated by kids are leeks. This veggie belongs to the family of onions and contains many of the same beneficial compounds such as Vitamin K, B6, A, C, Manganese, and Folate. But since this veggie gives the same vibes as its family, it is ultimately disliked by children for its strong taste.

3. Melon

Although this fruit is refeshingly sweet, cool, and delicious, it doesn’t seem that way for the kids. Melon, according to the survey, is also hated by kids despite the fact that this nutritious food is actually good in taste. Known to have many benefits for the skin, melon is considered a sophisticated fruit alongside avocado for their vitamins and minerals.

4. Eggplant

This squishy vegetable should be cute in the eyes of a child. Unlike the usual greens, eggplant is violet. But when it comes to taste, the appeal is not the same as its color. Why is the eggplant violet only in the outside? Kids might be curious about that, without knowing that eggplant is actually low in calories and rich in fiber, just like bananas.

5. Cheese

Cheese is actually a very tasty, creamy, and delicious food which most teenagers like to eat with their bread. But the children cannot appreciate the richness of cheese and they hated the taste. Cottage cheese and blue cheese are the most hated types of cheese, and they described it as something similar to mold, so they just couldn’t eat it.

6. Cauliflower

It might sound like a flower, not a vegetable, and it might seem like a brain not a food, but this ‘white broccoli’ is great for your liver and can help with digestion problems. It’s just sad how kids came to dislike this healthy vegetable.

7. Beans

One of the healthiest vegetables with so many benefits for the body is the green beans. It tastes pretty bland just like the other green veggies, so kids don’t like them as well. And though it is full of vitamins, beans don’t appeal to the kids’ tastebuds because it tastes rough and is sometimes hard to chew.

8. Tomato

A great fruit that is guaranteed to make your skin smooth, subtle, and radiant is tomato. However, having great and excellent skin is none of the kids’ concern, so they just won’t go along with this red, sour fruit.

9. Onion

Strongly hated by kids because of their strong smell is onion. Actually, onion is not the only enemy. Garlic is also hated for its strong smell, which makes it unappealing to the kids’ taste.

10. Chili, Pepper and other spices

Though many adults love pepper, chili and other spices as part of their food, most kids don’t like them because it doesn’t match their sweet tooth. Remember that kids usually like sweets such as chocolates and candies, and something spicy will make their tastebuds unfamiliar with the spice.

However, there’s nothing to worry about. Though most kids dislike these food, it is not like they’re not going to eat them for the rest of their lives. Cutting food into shapes and making up funny names can work for younger kids, and asking them to help, prepare and chop the vegetables will more likely get a positive result.

Do you think all kids hate these foods?

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