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10 Fun and Healthy Foods To Make With Your Kids

Updated on August 15, 2013
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Fishy SandwichHot Dog SpaghettiNoodle NestCauliflower SheepCauliflower SnowmanErnie and Bert Fruit SnacksFruity FamilyPeanut Butter and Banana Sandwich BearBreakfast SantaBagel Owl
Fishy Sandwich
Fishy Sandwich | Source
Hot Dog Spaghetti
Hot Dog Spaghetti
Noodle Nest
Noodle Nest | Source
Cauliflower Sheep
Cauliflower Sheep
Cauliflower Snowman
Cauliflower Snowman | Source
Ernie and Bert Fruit Snacks
Ernie and Bert Fruit Snacks | Source
Fruity Family
Fruity Family | Source
Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich Bear
Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich Bear | Source
Breakfast Santa
Breakfast Santa | Source
Bagel Owl
Bagel Owl | Source

Have a picky eater at home? Try some of these awesomely cool ways to make eating those less than favorite healthy foods, fun.

Sometimes all it takes is cutting a sandwich into a cool shape or making a food that's not so great tasting look like something that might be tasty.

Here are some ideas. Remember to let the kids help you with these. It's a great way to let them show their creative side as well. You can lay out the plate and just let them make up their own ideas. Make it fun!

Remember these are only ideas. You can make anything you want. It's better to encourage them to create from their own imaginations. Any piece of food used here can easily be replaced with something else.

The purpose here is to teach them about healthy food, allowing them to play with them and eventually eating them.

1. Fishy Sandwich

Not a fish, of course. Can be anything inside. Simple sandwich cut into a fish shape, with sliced radishes for bubbles, and peas for the greenery.

2. Hot Dog Spaghetti

Stick raw spaghetti into cut up hot dogs and cook on low/medium heat until done and serve. What a great idea!

3. Noodle Nest

Make spaghetti and simply place on the plate in swirly motion until it looks like a nest. Add meatballs, carrots for beaks (pic uses orange peel), but I wouldn't use toy eyes, instead use something like pieces of cheese.

4. Cauliflower Sheep

Raw cauliflower should be cut in the shape of the body, add carrots for legs and black olives for face and ears. They are stuck on using toothpicks so be careful when eating and make sure you count how many picks you use, so you can account for all of them. You really should only be using 2 for each eye. You can use a dab of mayo and stick a tiny piece of olive on it to make the pupil or you can use yogurt. If the surface is slippery, then simply scoop out pieces where the eyes are and fill holes with something white.

5. Cauliflower Snowman

Three pieces of cauliflower, some black olives for face and buttons and a little carrot for a hat. How easy is that? I would use yogurt or mayo as glue to get the hat to stick. You can use a skewer to keep all 3 pieces together.

6. Ernie and Bert Fruit Snacks

Half an orange and half a banana for the heads. Add raisins, for hair and part of their faces, a grape for Bert's nose and a cherry for Ernie's. Again, use anything else you like here. You can even add some more background by laying them on top of a bowl of oatmeal.

7. Fruity Family

Strawberries, Kiwis and melons is all you need here. Set them up with or without little "hats" and put in tiny seeds for their eyes. I would just poke little holes in their eyes with a toothpick and carve in a smile. This would be great sitting on top of a pudding or sundae.

8. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich Bear

It was Elvis's favorite meal. Wheat or white bread, cut 3 slices of banana and put to the side, then smash up the rest and gently spread it on one slice of bread. Then put peanut butter across the other side. Close it, toast it (if you like), add the 3 slices you had to the side for ears and snout. Then add raisins for eyes and nose. Yum!

9. Breakfast Santa

You can use a waffle of pancake for the face, raisins for eyes, strawberries for hat and whipped cream for beard. Sure they already love it but some kids don't make time for breakfast. They won't miss this one.

10. Bagel Owl

Apples, kiwis, cream cheese (if they don't like cream cheese you can use jam), blueberries, grapes, strawberries are all that you need here. What a yummy treat for anyone on the go. You can sub apples for peaches or use cherry instead of strawberry for the nose, raisins can sub the blueberry eyes and try cheese sticks for his feet/legs. Use the cream cheese on the bagel as your blank canvas.


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