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Five Reasons Coffee Is Good For You

Updated on January 18, 2016

The drink of champions

Coffee is legendary! Seriously, it's origins can't quite be tracked down but there are many legends as to how and when coffee was manifested. One thing is for sure though we are happy to have it seeing as 50% of the population consumes it on a daily basis. Coffee not only tastes great but can be crafted into numerous beverages such as cappuccinos, lattes, ice coffee; even being turned into ice-cream.

It's not like we need anymore reasons to drink coffee but here are five really good ones to think about while your pot percolates.

1. Caffeine improves athletic performance

Coffee stimulates adrenaline creating more blood flow, sending increased oxygen to the muscles. It also allows the body to burn fat storage and save carbohydrates to refuel after the workout. Coffee equals energy which equals longer more intense workouts and enhanced performance.

2. Coffee is a stress reliever

Have you ever just sat down and smelled a fresh pot of coffee? Your stress seems to melt away, boosting the reward centre in the brain, which is the same feeling as winning money or being happy.

3. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants

Not eating enough fruits and veggies? Drink about 3-5 cups of coffee per day and you should be getting the amount of antioxidants you need. Anything that removes damaging oxidizing agents is find by me.

4. Coffee cleans the liver

Good news! A cup of coffee after a long night of drinking really does do the trick. The liver is the body's main tool to remove toxic waste or "junk" from the body. Over time it can become built up and unable to function properly. Coffee helps to clean the liver and when used as an enema, cleans the colon as well.

5. Coffee promotes hair growth

Coffee directly stimulates hair follicles by sending blood to the roots. Longer thicker hair here we come!


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