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5 Reasons Why Fast Food Workers Treat You Like Dirt

Updated on August 22, 2011

Why is it that whenever you go into a fast food restaurant you seem to sit there forever, ordering from someone staring blankly frowning back at you? How come it seems like whenever you place an order for your food the person taking your order doesn't even have a personable tone of voice. It's not that they don't like you, and more than likely it's not because you forgot your deodorant that day. (Even though that may be a causing factor.) Nine times out of ten its not even your fault for your displeasing visit for a hamburger. Here are the 5 reasons as to why you can never get good service.

5.) The Person in Front of You Didn't Know How to Order

Easily, this could be the main reason as to your bad dining experience. Either the patron was rude, or took twenty minutes to order. It's not the worker's fault as to why the person would have rather stood there wanting to waste everyone's time in the middle of a dinner rush just to order two fries and a small drink, but that was what they chose to do. People seem like deer in headlights when ordering food. They walk in with the intention to order one thing, but when they see the menu they get confused. As if their brain does not compute everything on the menu, they want to stop and take their time which is acceptable. If that is the case though, every fast food employee would be more grateful if the customer was to step aside and let someone who was more prepared order in front of them.

4.) Fast Food Management

Everyone has had that boss that wants to push them to their to limits, but there are some limitations that should not be pushed during in the middle of lunch rush. I have heard a manager tell his employee "I should punch you in the face." for something that was not even that employees responsibility. There are many times that a member of the management team just gets under everyone's skin, thus bad service. Honestly the managers could care less about the service that people are providing, as long as they get their paycheck at the end of it all.

3.) People Complaining Just for Free Food

People make mistakes, it's universal. Nobody's perfect, and even in the fast food business there are mistakes and everyone is eager to fix those mistakes. Some people tend to take it over the top though, and it is aggravating to no end when you know someone is scamming you. Phone calls run daily saying that food was forgotten or an order was not taken right, when you know gosh-darned and well that it was. This is a main irritant for many fast food employees, especially the lower down employees. Management busts down harder on them even if the order was correct. Everyone likes free, but why do it and ruin someone else's day?

Faking a smile to make time go by.
Faking a smile to make time go by.

2.) Minimum Wage For Maximum Stress

The majority of "burger flipping" employees are paid federal minimum wage. The truth to end all truths are that just because you are working as management, you are still on a minimum wage payroll. When people are stressed they aren't as happy, and when people can't make bill payments, they sure as heck aren't willing to smile when at work. People are rude and to deal with attitudes constantly, and knowing that there is not a lot of pay going a long with what you are dealing with, employees are rude as well.

1.) Ignorance is Bliss but These People are Miserable

The main reason behind people being unfriendly at work is because when working with the human population, on a scale of 30% friendly and 70% irate, they start to not treat the customers as people but as an order. They don't care for the people on the other side of the counter, all they tend to care about is putting the money in the drawer. It's their job to smile, but because of the aforementioned reasons, they refuse to. They put their personal problems before work.

I'm sorry to put theses into the bluntest form of honesty, but I believe that it may open your eyes as to that it isn't your fault your service isn't up to par, but now you know why.

Would you make an effort to help make fast food service better if you could?

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    • profile image

      Tony 4 years ago

      Black people that work at fast food rest /you have 12 brothers that can't run a Burger King. But one that wants to run the country......

    • Captainausume profile image

      Captainausume 6 years ago from New Jersey

      I honestly don't understand why people in the food service are paid so poorly. I want to tell people "If it is such an easy job, then why don't YOU do it?"

      The work in itself is not difficult but dealing with people all day every day is one of the most difficult things to do. People can be so insanely rude it should be illegal!