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10 Refreshing Indian Summer Drinks

Updated on November 9, 2019
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Celebrate Summer - Sun drenched days and starlit nights!

— Gooseberry Patch

India is a hot country and summers can be extremely hot & humid. Various refreshing drinks are made in the Indian households to beat the heat during the summers. Homemade drinks are better than the aerated drinks available in the market. Aerated drinks have no nutritious value and are high in sugar content, thus not good for health. Homemade drinks on the other hand not only taste great but also quench the thirst and have numerous health benefits as well.

Here are a few Summer drinks famous in India:


Buttermilk or Lassi:

This is my favorite. Punjabi food is incomplete without a glass of chilled lassi. It is made by churning curd and adding water to it. You can add flavor to the lassi by adding salt, mint leaves, black pepper and cumin powder. Lassi can be easily made at home. It is a popular welcome drink in Punjabi villages. In the villages, guests are welcomed with a chilled glass of lassi in a traditional copper tumbler. It is not only a cooling summer drink but also aids in digestion. Nowadays lassi is also available in the market in tetra packs.

Sweet Lassi
Sweet Lassi

Sweet Lassi:

This is another variation of the popular lassi which is sweet in taste. It is made from yogurt with added sugar and water. It is comparatively thicker than the salty lassi. It can be flavoured by using rose water or saffron. Sweet lassi is a heavy drink and very fulfilling too.


Nimbu Pani or Shikanji:

Nimbu Pani is the Indian version of lemonade.It is a very good heat stroke reliever.Nimbu Pani is salty and Shikanji is sweet in taste. You can find numerous roadside vendors selling nimbu pani during the hot summers. Nimbu pani not only quenches the thirst but also aids in weight loss and aids digestion.

Coconut Water
Coconut Water

Coconut Water:

Coconut water is quite popular in the coastal areas where coconuts are easily available. There are numerous health benefits of drinking coconut water as it is high in nutrients.

5 Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Regulates blood pressure

Helps lose weight

Increases immunity

Improves kidney function

Good for skin



Jaljeera is a spiced drink which is generally used as an appetizer because of its digestive properties. It is sour and tangy in taste due to the presence of some strong spices and herbs like mint, tamarind, black pepper etc.

Health Benefits Of Jaljeera

Jaljeera is alkaline in nature and is great for your digestion.

It is good for people with anemia.

People with cough and cold can have jaljeera in warm water.


Aam Panna:

This cool and refreshing drink is made from raw mangoes. It is made by mixing water and sugar to the pulp of raw mangoes. There are two types of Aam Panna: salty & Spicy and sweet..It is very effective in preventing heat strokes.



This is a sweet rose flavored drink. You can mix roohafza in water or milk. You can also use roohafza in icecreams or kulfis for added flavour. Roohafza has the cooling effect of rose and is very refreshing.

Hamdard Rooh Afza Sharbat Syrup, Rose, 25 fl.oz (Packaging may Vary)
Hamdard Rooh Afza Sharbat Syrup, Rose, 25 fl.oz (Packaging may Vary)
A refreshing summer drink. I also use it to make rose flavoured milk shake.
Ganne Ka Ras
Ganne Ka Ras

Ganne ka ras:

Ganne Ka Ras or Sugarcane juice is quite popular in North India during Summer. It is easily available as you can find numerous vendors selling fresh sugarcane juice which is extracted right in front of your eyes. It is very good for patients suffering from Jaundice.

Kokum Sherbet
Kokum Sherbet

Kokum Sherbet:

Kokum Sherbet is a refreshing and rejuvenating Summer drink. It’s a popular drink in Maharashtra and Goa. It is one of the best coolants and aids in digestion. Readymade Kokum Sherbet is available in small cans & bottles. You can also make it at home.

Mango Milkshake
Mango Milkshake

Mango shake:

Mango shake is made with mango pulp, milk and added sugar. You can also add cherries, cashew nuts, raisins, pistachios to the milk shake. Mango shake is very healthy and fulfilling. This is a preferred drink during fasting. Mango shakes can be made at home and are also easily available in the market where vendors sell freshly prepared mango shake on demand.

Which Summer Drink Do You Chill Down With?

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Punjabi Sweet Lassi | Sweet Yogurt Drink | Refreshing Summer Cooler Recipe

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