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10 Simple Steps for how to make The Perfect Asparagus Appetizer

Updated on October 21, 2010

Asparagus is a terrific starter food. It can be a finger food which is always great for a starter dish since it reduces the need for extra cutlery. It is a very tasty fresh food. It is super simple to prepare. And it's good for you. Now you just need to learn how to cook it perfectly which the following recipe is intended to do. But first things first:

Health Benefits of Eating Asparagus

If you aren't sure why you should include asparagus as the starter to your meal then maybe learning about the health benefits will win you over. Some of the health benefits of aspargus include:

  • Asparagus is rich in Vitamin K, a vitamin that you may not be getting enough of. Among other things, Vitamin K is good for helping the blood to clot when you get hurt, absorbing calcium to help keep your bones strong and preventing the hardening of arteries to protect you from heart disease.
  • Asparagus is rich in folate. The most important thing that folate is needed for is to help women to have healthy babies that have normal brain function. Pretty important! It's also important for the heart, though, so don't think that you don't need it just because you aren't pregnant.
  • Asparagus is rich in potassium. Among other benefits, potassium helps to regulate the fluid levels in your body which keeps everything working in there the way that it should. Because of this asparagus can reduce pain and problems related to poor fluid levels which may include everything from menstrual cramps to arthritis.
  • Asparagus contains inulin, a healthy bacteria that helps to fight off bad bacteria inside of the body. It works to keep us healthy by preventing disease.

Okay, so now that you have an idea of why adding asparagus to your diet would be a good thing, let's get going with a great, simple asparagus recipe that can be served as an appetizer but would also work as a side dish.

The Simple 10-Step Asparagus Recipe

  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Trim the ends off of a full bunch of asparagus. Don't trim the tips; just trim off the tough ends of the food.
  3. Lay the trimmed asparagus spears side by side inside of a baking pan. You can put them in a single layer or a double layer but not more than two layers if you want them to cook properly.
  4. Drizzle olive oil over the spears. Use enough olive oil to coat the asparagus completely. It should take 4-5 tablespoons. It is recommended that you use a lightly flavored olive oil such as a citrus olive oil to give a creative taste to the dish.
  5. Sprinkle salt lightly over the asparagus. If you have jumped on the flavored salt bandwagon then you could use this instead of or in addition to flavored olive oil to really make a creative asparagus appetizer.
  6. Toss the asparagus in the pan to make sure that the olive oil and salt have completely coated the asparagus. Make sure that you return the asparagus to an evenly spread out 1-2 layer dish.
  7. Bake in oven for 10-15 minutes. The asparagus is ready when the tips of the asparagus begin to brown.
  8. While the asparagus is baking, grate one cup of your favorite cheese. White cheddar cheese is a good choice for this dish.
  9. Remove the asparagus from the oven. Sprinkle the cheese over the top of the asparagus.
  10. Serve and enjoy!

And there you have it - a really easy asparagus dish that doesn't require many ingredients and is very healthy for you!

How to Select Asparagus


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