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10 Ways Mint Chutney Will Make Your Food Delish

Updated on July 26, 2017

A chutney(chatni/ chatney/ satni) is any sauce or dip used extensively in Indian cuisines


Here are 10 meals made delicious and healthy with mint chutney or mint dip

It always works in food for babies and children, they simply love it

1. Sandwiches


Throw bottled tomato ketchup, it's yet another corn syrup based processed food which has no nutritional value and does more harm than good. Use this chutney as a spread, I'm certain you'll love it

2. Salads


Curd based mint cilantro chutney used as a salad dressing is absolutely delicious. To know how to make the chutney, you can check out my recipe

3. Samosas


Samosas and mint chutney are a match made in heaven, give it a try

4. Mint Chutney Marinated Fish


When I need to quickly fix some lunch/dinner with fish, I usually marinate fish in mint chutney and let it steam. It's ambrosial, healthy and piquant.

5. Potato Wedges/ Fish Chips


The mint cilantro dip works with most snacks. This one is perfect for house parties

6. Burritos


Just like fish, you can marinate the chicken in some creamy mint cilantro chutney and use it for a burrito. You can also use it as a spread in the bread

7. Mint Rice


Mint rice is quite famous in Indian cuisines. The minty rice can also be wrapped in burritos with some veggies and chicken.

8. Bhel


Bhel is Indian street food that contains sprouts, groundnuts, roasted and spiced Bengal grams, onions, puffed rice and potatoes. These ingredients are brought together by a tangy mint chutney. If you're in India, you should give this a go

9. Skewers


Mint cilantro creamy dip with some skewers or even kebabs will be the star at any party. It's a great appetiser for most occasions

10. Burgers


Yes, you read that right. Use it as a spread in your burgers and they will definitely stand out. Mint also helps digestion thus using it with most foods is healthy

Benefits & Uses Of Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are an antioxidant & contain carotene. It aids digestion & has anti-fungal properties. Every day, we use a plethora of preserved, bottled sauces for making sandwiches and much more, none of which is healthy as most bottled & processed foods contain GMOs. The most common one is high fructose corn syrup. You can read more about it here.

Replacing bottled sauces and artificial dips with mint chutney for your variety of dishes can be healthy and it only takes 10 minutes to make!

You can learn how to make mint chutney here


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    • profile image

      Pooja Kolhapure 8 days ago

      Oh yes, mint chutney is definitely one of the most healthiest and tasty at the same time.

      People in Bangalore surely miss out on this .

      Instead of adding carrot and beetroot to every possible chat

      Please ad some mint chutney guys

      and see the recipe is mentioned above

    • Ivaa profile image

      Ricardo Munn 3 weeks ago from Mumbai, India

      I'm glad :)

    • profile image

      Hipomator 3 weeks ago

      Loved This One

    • profile image

      Sid 3 weeks ago

      Wow, Looks delicious will definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      Abhishek Shindolkar 3 weeks ago

      Nice. Gonna give it a try with the burger :p

    • profile image

      Palvinder 3 weeks ago

      Mint chutney recipe is yummy and easy to make

    • profile image

      Hipomator 3 weeks ago

      Definitely trying the marinated fish

    • profile image

      Oril 3 weeks ago

      I recently made the mint chutney following your recipe and I have to admit, it's delicious. Turned out to be really good for my first time making it