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10 foreign destinations attractive for November

Updated on May 27, 2016

Cool November weather, sunshine, ideal for all journeys.

1. Morocco

In November, the heat on the desert sands in Morocco decreased, to about 32 degrees C, and this is an ideal time for those guests interested in sunbathing, exploring the desert. You can also visit the capital Marrakesh to purchase or subscribe to the tour itinerary to Atlas Mountains.

2. Canary Islands, Cyprus

The weather in the Canary Islands is very beautiful this season. Temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius around, is ideal for walking, bathing variables. You can also visit the city of Larnaca to learn the culture and history of the region Cyprus.

3. Normandy

France Normandy countryside with impressive cities such as Boulogne, Calais will surely leave guests impressed. Fresh air, warm moderately favorable for every journey.

4. India

November is a great time for tourists who like carnival, the most prominent is the festival of light Diwali Hindu, taking place in 5 days, during which the people of India shed light candle lights and all night .

5. Germany

November is the time when people start shopping Germans prepare for the upcoming Christmas. In the market place, the Germans sold everything: from sausages, toys, pictures, ornaments to the tree shimmering. Germany's top destination is the medieval city of Nuremberg, Munich or Berlin.

6. Birmingham

Christmas bazaar second largest after Germany and Austria are in Birmingham, England. At this time last year, 5 million tourists from all over have flocked to visit booth 193 Square Victoria, and this year, at 15:11 fair day is also expected to welcome more than that.

7. Zermatt

Zermatt is a popular ski resort in Switzerland and throughout Europe in general. Here, visitors can stay at the bungalow on the stunning mountains and enjoy specialty tasty Nordic origin.

8. Sao Paulo

Those who love sports certainly can not ignore the Sao Paolo in November this year by the 25th, the Formula One Grand Prix will take place dramatic.

9. Paris

Paris has always been a city of art lovers and beauty. This November, an exhibition of Salvador Dali contemporary artists will be opened here. As an artist in surrealism, to enter his exhibition, you will have to go into the past through an egg and out of a ... model the brain.

10. London

This year is a year of events in London. This November, in the capital of England will be held photo exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Tate as well as showcasing the costumes of famous Hollywood stars. Bonfire Fireworks Festival at Battersea Park also attracts a lot of tourists.


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