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10 most popular street foods in India

Updated on August 22, 2014

Indian food always had this widespread exotic impression on people around the world. Almost every good chef knows about Indian cuisine and they especially go to India to learn recipes from the locals. So what exactly is so delicious about these Indian dishes? Well Indian spices and their unique cooking style are quite famous in the world. Indian cuisine has become an inherent part of various 5-star restaurants and hotels everywhere. However in this list,i am gonna mention the names of the most popular street foods loved by almost every Indian and tourists that come to travel India and incredibly fall in love with these street foods.
These street foods are generally crispy and characterized by their spicy, sweet-sour and tangy flavor which makes them a perfect and light refreshment when you are outside, in a hurry and wanna grab something to eat and fast too. These foods are prepared instantly and are considered very cheap . You can have your stomach full in a matter of just 2-3$

1. Chaat

A kind of snack served at road side tracks in food stalls and food carts in India. It is one of the favorite snacks liked by people from all ages . Its generally a mixture of crisp fried bread , potato pieces , gram , chickpeas and lots of spices which contribute the most towards its spicy flavor hence making it the most revered snack/street food for all. Also to make it even tastier , curd , potato cutlets , fresh green coriander leaves , yogurt and lots of veggies are added to the basic mixture. However the necessary ingredients without which the chaat is incomplete are onion , ginger , salt , black pepper , red pepper , dried mango powder , coriander and red chilli .

Chaat is popular in India , pakistan , bangladesh and nepal. And its there in the tourist's list of must try street food in India !


2, Pani puri/Gol gappa/Gup chup/Phuchka

Pani puri , widely known as gol gappa , gup chup and phuchka , is on the the most unique street foods. There's a round hollow thin fried and crispy dough called puri which you fill with flavored water and before the water starts melting the thin hollow body of the puri , you eat it whole at once which instantly fills your mouth with flavored water and that is the main fun or rather thrill of eating pani(water) puri . Its especially loved by kids and females !
The flavored water consists of all kinds of spices like tamarind ,red chilly powder , mango dried powder etc..


3. Pav bhaji

Its a cuisine that mostly originated in the famous city of dreams 'Mumbai' . It took some time but now its considered a street food available in most of the street shops . 'Pav' is hindi word for bread and 'bhaji' for vegetable dish so you can pretty much guess what this street food is all about. Getting a bread is easy but preparing the 'bhaji' is time taking recipe and requires a lot of ingredients like masala , spices , vegetables like onion , potato , tomato etc.. then you need to make a homogeneous gravy in proper proportions out of these and then only you can create a mouth watering gravy of pav bhaji.


4. Chole bhature

It was developed as a breakfast in the capital city of India , delhi but slowly and gradually it became famous throughout the country and now has made its way into my list of top 10 street foods in India. 'chole' is a gravy based vegetable dish prepared of chick peas and onions and lots of spices to add tot he flavor.
Bhature is a semi-crispy fried dough like a thick layered puri and you eat this with gravy giving pair the name 'chole bhature' .


5. Samosa

Samosa is a fried pastry filled with a mixture of spiced veggies mostly potatoes , onions , nuts , peas and sometimes non-veg like beef, chicken etc..
It can be considered the most successful street food of India and almost every great celebration inside outside or anywhere requires the serving of samosa. This dish has no limitations , as its used in lunch boxes in offices , schools , used in almost all celebrations , easy to prepare , loved by almost every Indian . Nothing more to say , just taste one samosa and become its fan forever as most of the tourists say.


6. Pakora

Its a dish made of pulse fried in oil/ghee . First you need to prepare a liquid mixture of wet pulses and properly cut veggies like onion , spices etc. then you need to fry the mixture into whatever shape you want and eat it hot with green chutney . Its made super crispy and you need to eat it smoking hot with cold chutney to increase the flavor.
In India , when the weather gets stormy and rainy , pakoras are cooked and eaten while watching the rain with a cup of hot coffee to add to the excitement.


7. Paneer tikka

Paneer tikka is a dish made out of paneer(a kind of solid cheese) properly mixed with spices and grilled in a tandoor to the point of almost getting burnt just like in barbecue although its a vegetarian dish made out of a milk product and a bit of spices here and there. Its basically an alternative for chicken tikka obviously made out of chicken. Its a very popular dish and not only just a street food but also a food served by almost all potential restaurants and hotels.


8. Bhelpuri

Bhelpuri is a kind of chaat which is made out of rice(puffed) , veggies and a tangy sweet-sour sauce generally prepared of tamarind , chilly sauce and sour pickles like mango pickles. Its generally found in stalls near beaches and its very famous in Mumbai and surrounded regions.Its a sweet-sour dish but can be adjusted to more sweet or more salty accordingly on your wish. Its one of those portable dishes you can carry with you without worrying about it spilling because it a dry dish . Just keep the sauce in a tight capped bottle !


9. Dahi bhalla/bada

Dahi vada also known as 'dahi bhalla' is a popular south indian dish enjoyed by all of the India and a popular street food too . The vadas(a kind of doughnut made out of gram, flour and potato) are covered in thick curd (yogurt).

The hot fried vadas after getting deep friend are put in water , properly soaked then transferred to thick curd . To add flavor other things like mint leaves , chilli powder , black pepper , chaat masala and green chilli etc.. are also added .


10. Chilli Potato

Chilli potato , as the name suggests ,is a dish made of potato and chilli sauce . Its basically french fries covered in chilli sauce . Its a cheap dish ., easy to make , fun to eat and since its fried is good hygiene-wise although think about all those calories stored in it ! Nothing more to say , so if you go to India , don't forget to try this tradition version of french fries.


which of these you wanna try once in your life?

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