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80 Easy To Make Sandwich Wrap Recipes

Updated on June 17, 2014
wrap platter
wrap platter | Source

If you are tired of eating the same lunch every week or simply need a change from sandwiches then tortilla wraps could be the solution!

Sandwich wraps can be eaten hot or cold and are very easy to prepare in advance, the hardest part is deciding what filling you are going to try today.

sandwich wraps
sandwich wraps

Sauce Guide

Suggested Sauces That Help Create These Wraps

You will notice on every filling there is a suggested sauce or maybe more than one, some fillings do not require a sauce because the filling is sticky or moist enabling the wrap to stay in place, but some of the fillings will need a sauce or the wrap will just fall apart!

You can choose your own sauce if you don’t like the suggestion, please note when choosing a sauce try to avoid 90% water based sauces as they soak into the tortilla and are not effective for holding a wrap together.

Tortilla Wrap Fillings 80 To 71

Easy To Make Wraps For Lunch

80. Minced beef, onions, mushrooms and peppers – This is most certainly a hot one. Fry the ingredients together in a pan, adding a cooking sauce of your choice.
Suggested sauces: Tomato and chilli

79. Greek Salad – A mixture of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, olives and sliced onion it’s a wonderful traditional Greek dish that works so well in a wrap.
Suggested sauces: Greek Yoghurt, soft cheese, tzatziki

78. The Sunday roast – Add hot roast chicken (meat can vary) with roasted parsnips, mashed potatoes, carrot sticks and green beans. Gravy!
Suggested sauces: Gravy but make it thick

77. Steak with peppers and onions – Fry off some sliced steak strips in a pan with peppers and onions. Once fully cooked add to the tortilla with lightly fried mushrooms and a dash of spicy flavouring.
Suggested Sauces: chilli, sour cream, mayo

77. Couscous salad – A general mix of couscous, peppers, chopped tomatoes, cucumber and mushrooms presented on a bed of lettuce.
Suggested sauces: Salad cream, sour cream, salsa

76. Sweet and spicy chicken – Another which can be served either hot or cold. Mix chicken with both honey and salsa to create a great blend of sweetness and spice.
Suggested sauces: Sweet and sour, mayo, lime puree

75. Garlic chicken – Mix chicken with a garlic mayonnaise to create a simple yet tasty tortilla filling. This is great for lunch on the go. Be sure to pack some mints.
Suggested sauces: Just the garlic sauce with this one!

74. Chicken salsa – Make up a plain hot chicken tortilla, pour a hot salsa sauce over the outside of the tortilla and cover with cheese. The cheese should melt to create an amazing flavoursome wrap.
Suggested sauces: Sour cream, mayo, salad cream

73. Fish fingers – Similar to Southern fried chicken only with fish!. Everyone loves fish fingers, children and grown ups alike.
Suggested sauces: tartar, mayo, tomato sauce

72. Peanut butter – Another for the kids. Peanut butter isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but for those who like it it’s a quick and simple way to add taste to a plain tortilla.
Suggested sauces: Pile on the Jelly

71. Jam – Similar to peanut butter in terms of simplicity. Jam tortilla wraps make a change from jam sandwiches and are perfect for small children.
Suggested sauces: add fruit any fruit works well with jam

Tortilla Wrap Fillings 70 To 61

Sandwich Wrap suggestions

70. Turkey and stuffing – A classic sandwich filling, often enjoyed on Boxing Day. Why not turn this festive sandwich filling into a festive tortilla filling? Best served hot.
Suggested sauces: Just the stuffing

69. Turkey and cranberry – Just like with pork, cranberry brings so much flavour to a turkey tortilla wrap. The turkey is best warmed up but the cranberry best added cold.
Suggested sauces: Just the cranberry

68. Turkey, stuffing and cranberry – The ultimate festive tortilla filling, turkey with both its traditional condiments is perfect for the Christmas dinner leftovers. Served either hot or cold this is an ideal alternative to the Boxing Day buffet.
Suggested sauces: stuffing, sage and onion and cranberry

67. Salami – Salami or spicy German sausages are both simple and easy to make fillings. All major supermarkets stock these two products. An ideal filling for a continental tortilla.
Suggested sauces: Sour cream, sauerkraut

66. Garlic sausage – Similar to the above but obviously only appropriate if you like garlic and have a toothbrush on hand. a very popular choice around Europe.
Suggested sauces: Mayo, garlic mayo, brown sauce, tomato chilli

65. Lamb – Not easily found pre cooked and sliced in a supermarket but still a tasty filling if cut from the joint. Lamb is a flavoursome meat but salad items such as lettuce do help add extra flavour to this filling. On its own the lamb filling could be served hot.
Suggested sauces:Mint sauce is the only sauce I would use

64. Southern fried chicken – Often viewed as the more traditional hot tortilla filling. Southern fried chicken strips of chicken goujons are a perfect filling for all the family. Don’t forget to pack this filling with salad.
Suggested sauces:chilli, sweet and sour, tomato chilli, mayo, raggae raggae sauce, the list is endless

63. Chips/French fries – A quick and simple filling. You have heard of a chip butty well this is a chip tortilla. Always going to be popular with children. Best served hot.
Suggested sauces: Tomato sauce, Brown sauce, chilli, mayo the choice is yours!

62. Chilli – The Mexican’s have claimed the tortilla so why not the filling. A typical chilli filling consists of minced beef, tomatoes, kidney beans, onion and mushroom. This filling is certainly best served hot.
Suggested sauces: sour cream, soft cheese, guacamole

61 Soft cheese and tomato – Whether branded or not, soft cheese makes a great filling for tortillas. Combine this with sliced tomato and you have a tasty and healthy tortilla filling.
Suggested sauces: mayo

Tortilla Wrap Fillings 60 To 51

Fun Tortilla Sandwich Wraps

60. Bacon, lettuce and tomato – The BLT is not restricted to just sandwiches. Mixed together with mayonnaise this trio combine to make a very enjoyable tortilla filling.
Suggested Sauces: Mayo, brown sauce, tomato chilli, relish

59. Prawn mayonnaise – Prawns in mayonnaise or a seafood sauce are a taste sensation. Add a bit of ground pepper and a few leaves of lettuce to create a tasty seafood wrap.
Suggested Sauces: Just the mayo and maybe some paprika

58. Salmon- Whether fresh or tinned salmon is a tasty filling for any tortilla. Served cold with salad or lettuce, this filling is a must for all fish lovers.
Suggested Sauces: teriyaki thicken with flour, hollandaise add more butter, cream cheese, sour cream

57. Smoked salmon – Smoked salmon is a wonderful wrap filling perfect for summer lunches and it’s extremely good for you.
Suggested Sauces: teriyaki thicken with flour, hollandaise add more butter, cream cheese, sour cream

56. Salmon and cucumber – Just as cucumber goes with tuna it is also a great addition to a salmon tortilla. Not only does it add crunch and flavour but also great texture.
Suggested Sauces: teriyaki thicken with flour, hollandaise add more butter, cream cheese, sour cream

55. Egg mayonnaise- A sandwich classic and therefore a tortilla classic. A simple mixture of chopped hard boiled eggs and mayonnaise makes a simple and tasty filling.
Suggested Sauces: extra mayo,

54. Egg and tomato – Same as the above but with the addition of chopped tomatoes. Mix the tomatoes in with the mayonnaise and eggs rather than adding them as slices.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, relish, salad cream

53. Egg and cress – Tasteless and pointless, cress looks pretty and that’s about it. Mixed with mayonnaise and chopped boiled eggs, cress is one half of a traditional sandwich filling and therefore a traditional tortilla filling.
Suggested Sauces: mayo is all you need

52. Turkey – Like all the other meats in this list, turkey can be used as a tortilla filling either from a packet pre cooked or straight from the joint. You can add a bit of lettuce to add flavour to this filling.
Suggested Sauces: cranberry, sage and onion

51. Turkey salad – Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, mushrooms and cucumber each bring flavour and texture to a turkey tortilla, you can change the salad fillings every time it’s also perfect for using up leftovers.
Suggested Sauces: salad cream, mayo, chilli tomato

Tortilla Wrap Fillings 50 To 41

Easy To Make Sandwich Wraps List

50. Beef salad – Beef and salad really bring out each other’s flavours when put together as a tortilla filling. Typical choices of salad items include lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions and peppers.
Suggested Sauces: mustard, mayo, horseradish

49. Beef and tomato – A popular sandwich filling so why not a popular tortilla filling? Sliced tomatoes work very well with beef, too much tomato however can make the tortilla go soggy.
Suggested Sauces: chilli, tomato puree, mayo

48. Pork – similar to beef, both pre cooked pork and pork off the joint are perfect for a tortilla. Again serving this filling hot will improve its flavour. For the ultimate hot pork tortilla experiment with meat from a hog roast.
Suggested Sauces: apple, sage and onion, sweet chilli

47. Pork salad – Salad adds crunch to a pork tortilla. Salad items such as lettuce, tomato, peppers, mushrooms and cucumber work really well. This filling is best served cold.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, marmite

46. Pork and applesauce – The traditionalists’ ultimate tortilla filling, heaven in a wrap some may describe it as. Ideally the pork should be hot for this filling but the apple sauce cold.
Suggested Sauces: just the apple

45. Pork and stuffing – Another filling which is best served with hot pork, for this filling hot stuffing is also advantageous. Smother the tortilla in stuffing first and then add the pork, perfect!
Suggested Sauces: just the stuffing e.g. sage and onion

44. Pork, stuffing and apple sauce – A mixture of the above, forming the ultimate pork roast tortilla. Hot pork, hot stuffing and cold apple sauce, this really isn’t a filling to be ignored.
Suggested sauce: apple and stuffing is perfect

43. Pork and cranberry sauce – A popular sandwich filling converted into a tortilla filling. Cranberry sauce compliments the pork really well resulting in a flavourful filling.
Suggested Sauces: Cranberry will do !

42. Full English breakfast – The ultimate filling in the eyes of many. Bacon, sausage and scrambled egg covered in tomato ketchup and served in a tortilla. Some may call this a breakfast burrito. Best served hot.
Suggested Sauces: tomato sauce, brown sauce, raggae raggae sauce

41. Egg and bacon – scrambled egg and bacon, acceptable on a plate so why not in a tortilla? Tomato ketchup can also be added to this filling. Best served hot.
Suggested Sauces: tomato sauce, brown sauce, raggae raggae sauce

Tortilla Wrap Fillings 40 To 31

Sandwich Wraps That Are Perfect For A Quick & Easy Lunch

40. Egg and sausage – Sausage and egg make a great sandwich filling and this has been transferred to make an equally tasty tortilla filling. Can be served hot if chopped into small pieces or served hot. Boiled eggs are ideal for a cold filling, scrambled eggs for a hot filling.
Suggested Sauces: tomato sauce, brown sauce, hollandaise, reggae reggae sauce

39. Tuna and cucumber – Cucumber traditionally goes with tuna as a sandwich filling so why not as a tortilla filling? Other salad items could also be added to this filling.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, salad cream

38. Tuna salad – Very similar to the above but the addition of other salad foods such as peppers, tomato and lettuce help give this filling extra flavour.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, salad cream

37. Tuna and red onion – Red onion and tuna make a great filling for both sandwiches and tortillas. Add a little bit of mayonnaise and this filling become a hit with all the family.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, salad cream

36. Corned beef – An old classic, slightly on the bland side but all the same a tasty filling. Tinned corned beef and sliced corned beef work well. Why not add a bit of salad?
Suggested Sauces: chutney, sweet pickle

35. Corned beef and onion – The more traditional corned beef filling. Sliced onion mixed with the corned beef helps add great taste and texture.
Suggested Sauces: chutney, sweet pickle

34. Corned beef and tomato – A definite favourite with the traditionalists. Corned beef and tomato is another filling which can be served hot or cold. Be careful if heating at the tomato gets really hot.
Suggested Sauces: chutney, sweet pickle

33. Corned beef onion and tomato – The ultimate corned beef filling. If you’re a fan of corned beef you’ll love this filling. If you want your tortilla bursting at its seams add lettuce, peppers and cucumber.
Suggested Sauces: chutney, sweet pickle

32. Beef - Sliced beef makes a tasty tortilla filling whether off the joint or pre cooked. A rather bland filling so to add a bit of taste why not try this filling hot or with gravy?
Suggested Sauces: Just the gravy make it thicker than normal

31. Beef and mustard – The addition of mustard adds a bit of spice to a beef tortilla. Not one for those who can’t handle hot food but great for the traditionalists.
Suggested Sauces: Just the mustard is fine for this classic

Tortilla Wrap Fillings 30 To 21

Yummy Tortilla Wrap Recipes

30. Chicken salad – A very popular sandwich filling and quickly becoming a popular tortilla filling. The salad items are really down to perfect preference. Don’t be afraid to add salad cream or mayonnaise.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, salad cream, stuffing, BBQ, sweet chilli

29. Chicken tikka – This filling can be bought as a sandwich filling and then used for tortillas. Alternatively it could easily be prepared by mixing chicken with a tikka sauce. Salad also works well with this filling.
Suggested Sauces: tikka is perfect on it’s own :-)

28. Coronation chicken – Another which can be bought already made or mixed with sauce at home. Coronation chicken is full of oriental flavours but at the same time not too spicy.
Suggested Sauces: The coronation sauce only

27. Chicken and tomato – Another basic chicken filling but this time with tomato. Sliced tomatoes go great with chicken and help create a healthy lunchtime snack.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, sweet chilli, BBQ, salad cream

26. Chicken and bacon – Another filling which can be served either hot or cold. Chicken and bacon is a classic filling I love it with crispy Danish bacon even better if it’s smoked.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, sweet chilli, BBQ, brown sauce,

25. Chicken, bacon and cheese – Very similar to the above but with the addition of cheese. Cheese goes with almost any tortilla filling. Why not melt the cheese by serving this dish hot?
Suggested Sauces: add a soft cheese as a sauce

24. Chicken and cheese – Not a traditional filling but all the same a tasty choice. This filling can be served either hot or cold.
Suggested Sauces: add a soft cheese as a sauce or a spicy tomato chilli to give it a kick

23. Chicken and ham – Two tasty meats in the same filling, what could possibly go wrong? This is another filling which can be served both hot and cold.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, sweet chilli, mustard

22. Tuna – The first fish filling in the list, tuna is a real family favourite. Mixed with mayonnaise and a bit of salad this is a great tortilla filling.
Suggested Sauces: mayo

21. Tuna and sweet corn – A filling which can be bought pre made or easily made at home. Mixed with mayonnaise, tuna and sweet corn is a very tasty and simple filling.
Suggested Sauces: mayo

Tortilla Wrap Fillings 20 To 11

Quick Tortilla Wrap Sandwiches

20. Ham and mustard – Why not add a bit of extra flavour to your ham tortilla and add a helping of mustard? One for the traditionalists out there and not those who don’t like mustard.
Suggested Sauces: just the mustard with this bad boy

19. Ham salad – Salad helps add taste and flavour to any tortilla so combined with ham this filling is one of the most tasty and popular in the list.
Suggested Sauces: salad cream, mayo

18. Ham and pease pudding – Pease pudding compliments ham very well as a sandwich filling so why not try ham and pease pudding in a tortilla? A very popular choice with North East England folk.
Suggested Sauces: Just the pease pudding, learn how to make your own as it’s only available in the UK!

17. Ham and cheese – Without doubt one of the most popular fillings in the list and one the simplest. Ham and cheese tortillas can be served either hot or cold.
Suggested Sauces: add a soft cheese to make it sticky!

16. Ham and beetroot – Can be messy but at the same time a thoroughly enjoyable filling. Beetroot doesn’t go with many tortilla fillings but the taste of this filling shows ham is certainly one of them.
Suggested Sauces: relish, sweet pickle

15. Ham and cheese salad – Similar to the above but definitely a cold filling. Salad items such as peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce work great with ham and cheese.
Suggested Sauces: use a soft cheese to hold it together

14. Ham coleslaw – Coleslaw is one of life’s little pleasures, provided you like cabbage, lettuce, carrot and mayonnaise of course. This filling is simple and great for a lunchtime snack.
Suggested Sauces: The coleslaw will be fine maybe add some cheese to bulk it up

13. Chicken – By itself chicken is one of the most plain fillings in this list but all the same a popular choice. Served either hot or cold, chicken tortillas are perfect for children.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, BBQ, sweet chilli, sweet and sour the list is endless

12. Barbecue chicken – Barbecue chicken is chicken coated in a barbecue sauce either before or after cooking. The flavour of the sauce works brilliantly with the tortilla, especially when served hot.
Suggested Sauces: You only need the BBQ but add a little cheese or chilli powder for a kick

11. Chicken and sweet corn – This filling can be mixed with mayonnaise or simply served as chicken and sweet corn. For extra taste why not add some salad?
Suggested Sauces: mayo works best, add a dash of black pepper and white onion for more crunch!

Tortilla Wrap Fillings 10 To 1

Simple Tortillas For Lunch

10. Cheese – One of the more basic tortilla fillings but all the same a very tasty one too. A cheese tortilla can be served either hot or cold. For that little bit extra why not include a mixture of cheeses?
Suggested Sauces: mayo, salad cream, pickle, chutney the list is endless

9. Cheese and onion – Best served hot, this filling it easy to prepare and is easy on the taste buds. Add sliced onion to a plain cheese tortilla to create one of the simplest and tastiest fillings.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, relish, soft cheese and chives

8. Cheese and bacon – A traditional favourite and other which can be served hot or cold. If serving hot please cook the bacon before adding it to the tortilla filling.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, tomato chilli, A1 sauce

7. Cheese and ham – Cheese and ham work brilliantly together and again can be served as either a hot or cold tortilla filling. The kids will love this one!
Suggested Sauces: mayo, mustard, sweet chilli, sour cream

6. Cheese salad – Use a range of salad items such as tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, mushroom, cucumber and onion to compliment your cheese filling. This tortilla is best served cold.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, sour cream, salad cream

5. Cheese and pickle – if it is good enough for a sandwich then why not a tortilla? Cheese and pickle complement each other brilliantly and as a filling they help add real flavour to a tortilla. This tortilla is best served cold.
Suggested Sauces: just the pickle will be fine

4. Cheese savoury – Cheese mixed with mayonnaise and sliced tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and onion. Another great cold tortilla filling.
Suggested Sauces: it’s a very sticky filling no sauce needed

3. Cheese coleslaw – Add cheese and coleslaw to a tortilla for a large helping of glorious flavour. The cheese can either be sliced and added separate to the coleslaw or for an improved taste missed grated cheese with the coleslaw mixture.
Suggested Sauces: another sticky filling

2. Cheese and tomato – An old classic but all the same a taste sensation. Cheese and tomato tortillas can either be served hot or cold, be aware though as the tomato becomes very hot once heated.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, sour cream, soy sauce, sweet chilli, chutney the list is endless

1. Ham – One for those fans of plain food but at the same time a simple and straightforward tortilla filling. All kinds of ham help add taste to a tortilla; this filling can be served either hot or cold.
Suggested Sauces: mayo, pickle, sweet pickle, soft cheese, mustered the list is endless!

Make Your Own Tortilla Wraps

Despite translating to Spanish as ‘little cakes’ tortillas actually originate from Mexico and are used to make several Mexican dishes including tacos, burritos and enchiladas.

Unlike tacos, burritos and enchiladas tortilla wraps are not typically Mexican, this said however they are a great alternative to sandwiches. They can be included as part of a buffet or a packed lunch, you could even have them for lunch in the house.

Like sandwiches they can be served either hot or cold and this is the partly the reason why they have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Established sandwich stalls and shops now include them in their range of products.

Although they’re on sale at a range of stores there is nothing quite like a home made tortilla wrap, if nothing else making them yourself allows you to make up your own fillings.

How To Make A Tortilla Wrap

1.Place your wrap on a large flat surface.

2. Use a knife to spread the sauce of your choice around the outside of the tortilla surface. Mayonnaise if a good choice but others such as salsa sauce and tomato sauce are also appropriate.

3. Fill the centre of the wrap with your filling. Try to stack the fillings upwards, covering only a small area of the tortilla. Do not spread the filling so it covers the edges that you have just covered in sauce.

4. Add the salad to your filling. Lettuce is a good base for your salad then add finely chopped cucumber, tomatoes and peppers. Again stack these on top of the filling rather than spreading them over the surface of the tortilla.

5. Pick up the edge of the tortilla which is closest to you, fold this over the filling and salad, tucking it under the filling as tightly as possible.

6. Roll what has now become the tortilla parcel so it is wrapped in the remainder of the tortilla, the sauce on the edge will help it stick. Tuck the edges in at both ends so everything is enclosed.

7. Cut the completed tortilla down the middle vertically to create two smaller tortilla wraps.

If you are looking at catering on a large scale then why not look at hiring or creating your own tortilla wrap platters. There is a range of fillings you can include and this helps make sure there is something for everyone. Tortilla wrap platters would be a great inclusion to any cold buffet.

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