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100 bottles of beer on the wall

Updated on August 2, 2012



High Spirits

Beer, it has been around for thousands of years and man has most definitely perfected the craft of making beer more in these last thirty years, than perhaps at any other time in its long history. What is really nice, is a hot summer day and an ice cold pilsener or lager, for me it lasted all of ten to twenty seconds, completely satisfying.

Different seasons call for, at least to me, different brews. When the chill of Autumn comes, my search begins for the best Oktoberfest style beer, one of my favorites, Paulaner a delightfully tasting beauty that makes my heart happy. But for taste and price,I love Spaten.

While there are many microbrews available in this country that have a certain Oktoberfest taste, I just can't pass up the German brews, especially the Marzens. The lone exception would be in visiting your own local micro-brew and perhaps tasting at the source would provide a more refreshing taste. I found this to be true at Black Water Brewing Co. I by chance meeting stopped in a few years back and sampled their offerings, my favorite was/is the the Black Diamond Stout. I met the man who started this venture, forgot his name, just remember he was a retired Air Force Colonel from Potomac, MD. The story was he wanted an authentic style biergarten and food establishment that would compliment the beer, such as German cuisine, only problem was he could not find a brewmeister here stateside up to the challenge, so he placed an add overseas, in Germany, looking for such a person of whom he found a lady who possessing such skills he employed and brought her over to start crafting, that's the scoop and the beer, great!

I know there are so many good German brews that I could even create a Hub just on those, but let us move on to some others shall we?

Black Diamond

Spring is in the Eire and the Isles of Beer

What good is Spring if you haven't a Guinness or a Harp, to make yourself a proper Black and Tan? In my hometown, we celebrate St. Patty's Day with a good old fashioned 'Green Beer Race' and a 'Keg Toss', but before we do that kind of tossin, we will toss back a couple pints to be primed and ready.

As far as Irish brews are concerned, these two are tops in my book. But while the Irish eyes are smilin, perhaps you would rather catch a Bass ale and that British brew goes oh so nice with fish-n-chips Mmmm. Suppose you feel a bit timid, might I recommend some courage, as in liquid form and more specifically John Courage from Scotland. To round out the isles, I think of widgets and Boddington's here you can get that real draught taste from the special air torpedo inside your can.

Remember BEER and ALE = BAIL $ if you are not responsibly drinking.

When its TIME to relax


North/South of the Border

When summer hits and especially in my area, hitting you with the ever fluid feeling of humidity that comes with being so close to the water, I like a beer that is light and clean. There are many American pilsners/lagers to choose from, but sometimes, I feel drawn to sample from outside of my countries borders.

Canada and Mexico, as well as a certain Caribbean fare, are my best bet outside of this land. Molson and Labatts, especially Molson Golden, just my speed. I do however fancy the Mexican varieties over our northern neighbor's offerings. I like Corona, but I loved Sol, chiefly I fell in love with Sol for the price, it did not seem too long for others to take notice of the similarities in taste and hence, the price went up, shame. Dos Equis and Tecate are two others in the running of popularity, but Modelo, a relative newcomer here, has a distinctive taste and I may still be on the border about good or bad, but to each their own. If I did not mention Red Stripe and it's subtle hints of ginger, I would be removed from sharing a beer of enjoyment with you. Truly this beer, like Corona and Sol, stands atop the collected trophies in my book.

Caribbean Queen


Microbrew and homebrew to you

Many a hand has now or may try later to comprise their own brews. There are now Mr.Beers being sold that come with everything needed to make your own and a friend of mine has done just that and with some experimentation and trials, he has not thrown any away as of yet. I take him at his word that the taste has been generally good. Reading from many a home brewing magazine, you may just so happen to venture forth in such an endeavor for the dual purposes of occupation of one's time as well as the direct result being a time to sample and enjoy what you have created with your own hands.

The possibilites are perhaps only limited by our imaginations. I would be so inclined as to try adding fruit to my own concoctions resulting in a hopefully tasty glass of abundant cheer. A beer that follows along these lines is Raison D'Etre made by Dogfish it has a truly interesting taste and the aroma is sublime. The addition of green raisins allowed to ferment along with I suppose roasted grains and beet sugar, gives it a superb taste, but don't take my word for this, just try it and you'll see.

Another worthwhile mention comes fro Kentucky, it has a high alcohol content, possibly a result of being aged in old bourbon barrels. The name of this brew, Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout this is perhaps the best American brew I have ever tasted and had I not ventured to Capital Ale House in Richmond, VA., I may have ever after been in want.

A strange brew, at least to me it seemed strange in name, Messiah Nut Brown Ale had a very good taste and a very interesting character in its origins. I do believe it may be Kosher, so mazal tov with that ☺

5 O'Clock


Less thinking and more ...

Well, there is a lot more I could say about beer, but the mouth has gotten dry, the hour is late and the weekend has begun. So for now that is enough on the subject, but I hope you will find your perfect pint and good company to keep.

Yes, I can be an idiot, but beer calls

Please enjoy, but do act resposibly

Do not jeopardize your life or the life of another by ingesting too much alcohol. If you plan on going away from your home and you suspect you may consume alcoholic beverages, PLEASE designate a driver to remain sober.

By all means consume your beer, but DO NOT allow it to consume you!


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    • noturningback profile image

      noturningback 5 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA

      I have to agree breakfastpop, most definitely no lack of imagination in calling out the contents that are bottled up inside. I feel that same way inside, when describing how I feel towards our current Monarchy.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 5 years ago

      Very interesting piece. I love the inventive names of the beers.