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12 Reasons to Drink Green Tea

Updated on September 12, 2015

Why You Should Drink Green Tea

Green tea is amazing for us. It has so many wonderful health benefits. Here is a listing of just 12 of the many ways green tea is good for us.

1. Weight loss. Green tea actually helps speed up your metabolism which can aid in weight loss.

2. Gums and Teeth. Green Tea can kill bacteria and viruses in the mouth and throat, preventing tooth decay.

3. Diabetes. Green Tea can help regulate blood sugar levels especially when it rises after eating.

4. Heart Disease. Green tea can help prevent blood clots, which are what causes a heart attack.

5. Allergy relief. Green Tea can help relieve some peoples allergies.

6. Aging. Green tea can help with UV rays and protecting your skin, which intern can help in preventing aging affects such as wrinkles on the skin. Also, green tea can decrease the amount of redness in your skin after skin exposure.

7. Cancer. In green tea, polyphenols can help decrease the chance of cancer. Those who drink green tea are found to less likely be diagnosed with pancreatic, oral, breast, bladder, skin, ovarian and stomach cancer.

8. Cholesterol. The polyphenol levels in green tea can help decrease the LDL level which is the "bad" cholesterol.

9. Improve Brain Function. Green Tea contains caffeine (not as much as coffee) that can help increase your brain function and make your smarter by being more awake. It can also help to decrease anxiety. Green Tea can help you be more productive throughout your day as well with the caffeine content.

10. Improve Physical Performance. Studies have shown that drinking green tea can increase your physcial performance by 11-12%. That's amazing!

11. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. The catechin compounds in green tea have been proven to have positive effects on neurons, thus decreasing the risk of both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's in the elderly.

12.And don't forget it's soothing. Drink a cup of tea in a quiet time of the day to help you relax and decrease your stress level.

Green Tea Benefits

As you can see, there are many benefits to drinking green tea. So, sit down and relax and have yourself a nice cup of green tea once a day.

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