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25 Emergency Meals In A Jar

Updated on April 27, 2015

Be Prepared With These Easy Dry Ingredient Recipes

Putting together an emergency food storage is a great idea to ensure your family will be prepared and well fed during the event of an emergency. The following dry recipes stored in jars last many years and will require little preparation to enjoy. This is a great way to put those extra mason jars around your home to good use! This article lists 25 fantastic recipes for emergency jar meals that I hope you will be able to use and incorporate into your life.

The Basics

Getting started on preparing and storing your own dry meals in a jar is not as complicated as one may think. You will however need a few staples to be able to get going. You will need to choose either a FoodSaver method or the oxygen absorber method. The FoodSaver is an appliance that is used to extract oxygen and preserve the food. For this method you will also need to purchase the mason jar attachment. The oxygen absorber method is a more simpler method that involves purchasing oxygen absorbers in bulk ( has a great deal on these - see below!). With the oxygen absorber method you simply place one of the absorbers in the top of the mix before sealing your mason jar.

Though these meals can last 5-7 years on the shelf, it's highly recommended that you rotate out your ingredients such as flour, beans, and bulked goods every 2-3 years to ensure freshness and to maintain a strong level of food safety

You Will Need...

To preserve your meals you will need a Food Saver system to create a vacuumed jar. Below is the mason jar attachment for this system that you will also need.

When properly packed emergency meals in a jar can last 5-8 years!

Do You Prepare Emergency Meals?

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#4 Vegetable Fried Rice Jar Meal

Photo Credit: Chef Tess Bakeress

Scalloped Potatoes Jar Meal

An alternative to using a food saver with the wide mouth mason jar attachment is by using oxygen absorbers!

Baked Ziti Casserole in a Jar

Be sure to label and date each of your meals in a jar!

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      Stephen Bush 4 years ago from Ohio

      A superb idea with detailed solutions!