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3 Easy Cocktail Ideas

Updated on March 12, 2011

Are you looking for easy cocktail recipe ideas for a special event? If you're having friends and family members over to enjoy a special occasion – or each other's company -- and you're planning on serving adult beverages, it's a good idea to come up with a few tasty cocktails that you can prepare ahead of time for your guests to enjoy.

Bloody Mary

If you're hosting a brunch event or if you are having friends over to watch an afternoon sporting event, Bloody Marys should definitely be included in the list of adult beverages that you will be serving. They are also a good choice for any other type of party or gathering as well.  This type of cocktail is quite easy to make. You can combine vodka with your favorite brand of store-bought Bloody Mary mix or allow guests to create their own flavorful concoctions using tomato or V-8 juice and a selection of spices and garnishes.

 If you decide to allow guests to create their own, set aside a section of counter space for a Bloody Mary bar. Place a bottle of vodka and a pitcher of tomato or V-8 juice where guests can easily reach them. Arrange items they may want to use to season their drinks on a tray next to the bottles and a selection of glasses. Flavoring agents to consider include black pepper, salt, Tabasco sauce, celery salt, and Worcestershire sauce. Garnishes that you may want to make available include lemon wedges, lime wedges, green olives, celery stalks, cocktail onions, and pickled green beans.


Cosmopolitans are a great choice for parties because they are easy to make and can be prepared in small or large quantities. You can make cosmos one at a time if you want to actively work the bar during the gathering, or you can prepare a pitcher of this fruity cocktail beverage before your guests arrive so they can serve themselves.

Cosmopolitans are not difficult to make at all. All you need is vodka, cranberry juice cocktail, lime juice (fresh or bottled), and triple sec. To every two parts of vodka, add one part of each of the other ingredients and combine. If you're making a small portion, use a martini shaker. For larger servings, use a pitcher and stir vigorously. Serve in chilled martini glasses.


Mimosas are a popular beverage at all types of gatherings. Whether you're hosting a cookout, a bridal shower, or a get-together for no reason at all, a pitcher of Mimosas is sure to be a hit with your guests. They're also a great choice from the host's perspective, as there really isn't any cocktail that is easier to make. To make Mimosas, simply mix together equal parts of orange juice and champagne. Stir to combine, chill, and serve. That's it. What could be easier than that?


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