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3 Recipes

Updated on April 1, 2010

Well I have 3 recipes here,but only 2 that you can place on the table, the other one must be used for the garden.

Let me start with that one first, this is a spray that I use on all my garden plants as I don't believe in using chemicale sprays, because if you don't wash the food properly you can become sick, but with this spray there is nothing in it that would do any harm to you.

I use the spray on my flowers of any kind, all of the vegables.

What you need is as follows.

About 10 Rhubarb leaves , not the storks.

1 red hot chilli,

1 hot peppers,

1 garlic clove,

1 cup chopped parsley (fresh)

1 cup of cooking oil

boil up together in enough water to cover, strain to get all lumps out as the liquid must go through a spray pump without blocking up.

When cool mix in 1 cup of dish washing liquid, store it in a container till eady to use.



This is a Greek food mix for dipping.

This depends on how much you will use,so the quanity will depend on your use.

Mash Potato

Olive oil


Lemon Juice

Tasty Onions


and salt to taste and pepper.

Mix altogether to a paste,heat until onions are soft, let cool then ready to use.



The next one is a bread pudding

This depends on how many are to eat.

2 eggs ?

1 cup sugar

beat eggs and sugar together.


1 lb. Cherries stir in with the egg mix

Bread this can be a day or two old,

slicers depends on dish size about 2-3

mix with milk by soaking

place the mixture in dish with bread on top

sprinkle with further sugar and sprinkle with the cinnamon

cook for 1 hour1/4 or until brown oven @ 180 deg.



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    • profile image

      Raymond Tremain 8 years ago

      Thanks for dropping by Tony, yes the stuff you buy for sprying is not good for your health this is why I make my own.

      The pudding you will love it.

      God loves you


    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 8 years ago from South Africa

      I want to try the bread pudding - it sounds scrumptious! I sometimes use a very similar spray to keep bugs off my plants for the same reason you do.

      Love and peace