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3 Top Ways to Remove the Garlic Smell From Your Hands

Updated on December 23, 2011

Cooks know handling garlic leaves the strong and pungent smell on your fingers and hands. Garlic is a widely used ingredient in a wide variety of dishes. Garlic adds a kick of flavor to favorite soups, stews, meats and vegetables. Although garlic enhances the flavor of many foods, it does not exactly mimic cologne or perfume. A garlic odor can be quite offensive and off-putting to a lot of people. Getting rid of garlic smell can be tough unless you know a few kitchen tricks and tips.

You will need:

Fresh Rosemary

Stainless Steel


Take a handful of fresh Rosemary and cut it into 2 to 3 inch pieces. Wet your hands and rub the Rosemary into your skin all over your fingers and hands. Roll the Rosemary back and forth between your palms. Spread the Rosemary over the back of your hands. Move it between your fingers and squish it into your skin gently. The dominant, aromatic smell of Rosemary instantly zaps away the garlic odor.

Glance around the kitchen for any type of stainless steel surface. Rub your finger and the front and backs of your hands over the stainless. The kitchen has a wide variety of stainless steel surfaces, which include sinks, pot, pans, appliances, spoons, ladles or other utensils that do not have a sharp edge.

Turn on the tap water and place your hands under the running water thoroughly wetting them. Pour approximately 1 teaspoon of salt into the palm of your hand and scrub your hands with the salt. Rinse the salt off under warm running water. Avoid using salt if you have any nicks or cuts on your fingers or hands.

You won’t have to give up the wonderful, aromatic and appealing taste of garlic just because of the lingering garlic odor. All three remedies are simple and highly effective.

The health benefits of garlic outweigh the pungent odor.

There are many myths and old wives tales regarding garlic. Some of these tales have been proven to have some truth and some can't be disproven. Garlic does have natural antibiotic properties, reduce cholesterol and helps to lower blood pressure -- all true. Garlic keeps the vampires away- still waiting for it to be proven or disproven.


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