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3-D Skull Cake for Halloween or Boys' Birthdays

Updated on September 30, 2013

3-D Skull Cake Pan Makes it Easy to Create Creepy Halloween Cakes

Are you looking for a spooky fun cake for a Halloween party or a boy's birthday party? My son's birthday is in October, and he's a boy who likes creepy, scary things, so this year he decided he wanted a 3-D skull cake for his birthday. I'm no Cake Boss, but fortunately I found a skull cake pan that allowed me to create just the creepy cake he wanted. He loved it! And now that we've got the pan, the skull cake will be an annual tradition for Halloween at our house. Who knew such a creepy Halloween cake could be so easy and fun?

(Image of 3D Skull cake provided by Wilton Dimensions. See link below)

How to Make a 3-D Skull Cake - So easy, even a non-baker like me can do it

3-d skull cake pan showing inside
3-d skull cake pan showing inside

The photo above is the skull cake I made for my son's 11th birthday. It was a huge hit with all of his friends, and the adults, too!. Even one of the teenage employees at the lazer tag place holding the party stopped to say it was "awesome" and ask more about it. I was tempted to tell them I was an extremely talented cake decorator, ready to take on the Cake Boss any day, but I had to be honest -- all I did was pour some cake mix into a very cool cake pan and do a little frosting. If I can do this, ANYONE can do it.

My secret was the 3D Skull Cake Pan from Wilton (see below).

The pan comes with one cake recipe, which is for a pumpkin spice cake. That wasn't exactly the flavor my son wanted for his birthday party, so I bought Betty Crocker Super Moist milk chocolate cake mix. If you use a boxed mix to make this cake, you'll need two boxes - one for the front of the skull, and one for the back.

The pumpkin spice recipe called for baking the cake for 65 to 75 minutes at 325. The Betty Crocker box indicated 40-45 minutes at 350 for a Bundt cake. So I put my chocolate cake in at 325 for 55 minutes and then checked it. It wasn't quite done, so I put it back in for another 10 minutes and it came out moist and perfectly baked.

I then let it cool before trimming the crowns. The cake pan has two deep depressions, one for the front of the head and one for the back, and the cake will rise above these, so you'll need to cut off the excess. I then turned both sides of the skull on to a baking sheet and trimmed the back half of the skull at the cut-line baked into this section of the cake. The back half has a base that allows the skull to stand upright at an angle, and you'll need to trim at the cut-line so the front and back pieces can go together. The first time I did this (on my practice cake), I somehow managed to cut at the wrong angle, and couldn't get the pieces to align properly. The second time, I had no problem at all.

I added red food coloring to vanilla Pillsbury frosting and used that to frost between the pieces and stick them together. Then I frosted the rest of the cake white, leaving the teeth so we didn't lose the detail under thick frosting. With only the chocolate cake mix showing, the teeth looked dirty and old, which was perfect for a creepy skull. For the nose, we used black gel to create an outline and then filled it in with chocolate sprinkles. My son wanted creepy eyes, so rather than trying to frost something myself, we bought cheap Halloween glasses and popped out the lenses so the skull had bloodshoot bulging eyes. And for a finishing touch, my son added a gummy worm sticking out of the head.

I wanted to stick a carving knife into the side of the head, but we decided against bringing a very large sharp knife to the party venue. It didn't matter - everyone loved the cake anyway.

If you're looking for a fun Halloween cake or boy's birthday cake, this 3-D skull cake pan might be a great option. The kids will love it! And you don't need to be a professional baker to make it turn out great.

(Photo copyright Lisa Howard)

This creepy skull cake pan from Wilton is nonstick, and you shouldn't have any problem getting the cake to come out with all the details intact. The photo here shows what our cake looked like when it come out of the pan.

Other features that make this pan great for baking include:

* Even heat distribution

* Easy release and cleanup

* 10 Cup capacity

* Finished cake 6-1/2-inch by 5-1/2-inch by 7-1/2-inch

* Baking instructions and recipe included

(Photo by Lisa Howard)

Wilton Dimensions Nonstick 3D Skull Pan
Wilton Dimensions Nonstick 3D Skull Pan

Product description: This three-dimensional pan makes a big statement at Halloween parties. Heavyweight cast aluminum conducts heat extremely evenly. Premium non-stick surface for easy release and cleanup.


This 3-D Skull Cake Bleeds - If a regular skull cake isn't creepy enough...

Need more ideas for your skull cake? We used red frosting to stick the two pieces of the skull together, but this person took the creepy blood concept even farther. This skull cake has a red filling that makes it appear to "bleed" when cut.

Skull Cupcakes, Too! - Set of silicone molds makes smaller skull cakes

If a big 3-D skull cake pan is more than you need, these cute skull cupcake molds can help you make creepy little cupcakes.

Fred NOMSKULLS Baking Cups, Set of 4
Fred NOMSKULLS Baking Cups, Set of 4

Product description: Fred & Friends Nomskulls is a set of 4 silicone cupcake molds. The mold design is that of a human skull. The name derives from an internet expression nom,nomnom which translates into delicious. It comes in an attractive printed box.


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