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Foods To Swap For More Healthy & Fattening Free Alternatives

Updated on February 27, 2017
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Food, health and nutrition. The simple, yet important things in life.

Your heart loves healthy food
Your heart loves healthy food

A simple change to the foods you eat will make you a real winner.

"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art" is a famous quote by the French writer, Francois de La Rochefoucauld.

Below are 33 foods to swap for more healthy alternatives.

1. ICEBURG LETTUCE. Contains less fibre and fewer vitamins and minerals than you'd expect. Swap for watercress which has more iron, calcium and vitamin c.

2. CREAM CHEESE. With 440 calories and 48 gram fat in 100g its more fattening than most other cheeses. Swap for Edam which has around 335 calories and 25 calorie's per 100 grams.

3. WHITE BREAD. Its high glycemic index means you'll crave more carbs as your blood sugar plummets. Swap for Granary/brown bread, With three times more fibre and a lower GI, its better for your waistline and digestion.

Heart Healthy Living

4. SMOKED SALMON. A 50g serving provides 2.4g salt, that's more than a third of the daily recommended salt for an adult... Swap for canned pink as it has 0.7g of salt in a 50g serving.

5. SAUSAGE ROLLS. Packed with calorie's, fat and trans fats.. If the pastry includes hydrogenated vegetable fat or oil as an ingredient, which are thought to be as harmful to heart health as saturates... Swap for chicken drumsticks which are lower in fat and calories and provides more protein.

6. BOMBAY MIX. Contains fewer calories and less fat than regular crisps-just. Swap for pretzels which are lower in calories and fat.

7. CELERY. Low in naturally occurring plant chemicals called flavanoids that act as antioxidants. Swap for red onions which add flavour to dishes plus flavornoids that act as antioxidants

8. SALAMI. Just three slices provide 14g fat and 1.6 g salt- a very unhealthy choice of cheese topping. Swap for lean ham which has just 1g fat and 1g salt in three slices.

9.SOUR CREAM DIPS. Contains around 400 calories and 40g fat in 100g...Swap for salsa which contains only 40g calories and 0.5g of fat in 100g

10. GREEN PEPPERS. Unlike orange and red peppers there much lower in antioxidant beta-carotene...Swap for red peppers as they contain 14 times more beta-carotene and just half a red pepper provides most woman with 88 percent-of there daily vitamin needs.

11. DANISH PASTRIES. A large one contains a massive 620 calories, 25g fat 15g saturates and 51g sugar..Swap for wholemeal scones as they contain a quarter of the calories and fat and a seventh of the saturates.

12. STREAKY BACON. Its difficult to remove the visible fat from streaky bacon as its spread throughout the meat-one grilled rasher provides 5.4g fat. Swap for lean back bacon(with the fatty rind snipped off). One rasher contains 3.1g fat.

13. ANCHOVIES. Just four tiny fillets from ajar provides 1.8g salt, almost a third of 6g maximum adults should have in a day.

14.GARLIC BREAD. A quarter of a garlic baguette contains around 160 calories. Swap for fresh granary baguettes as they contain less fat and fewer calories for an equal sized serving, plus more fibre.

15. DRIED APRICOTS.The drying process concentrates the natural sugars- an 80g serving provides 29g sugars.Swap for fresh apricots-two provides just 7g sugars and no additives.

16. KORMA COOKING SAUCE. provides far more fat than other Indian cooking sauces thanks to high fat coconut content..Swap for rogan josh sauce which is based on tomatoes and lower in fat.

Healthy citizens are one of the greatest asset any country can have" is a great quote by Winston Churchill.

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17. CRISPS. The high fat and salt content is combined with very few nutritents.Swap for unsalted nuts as they contain heart healthy monounsaturates and nutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin E and B vitamins.
18. SUNFLOWER OIL Packed with polyunsaturated fats but its not very rich in monounsaturates, the true heart healthy heroes. Swap for olive oil which is loaded with monounsaturates, the type of fat that helps matian a good cholesterol.
19. TARAMSALATA. As dips go, this one has the highest calories and fat contents with 100g providing 445 calories and 47g fat..Swap for Tzatziki which has 65 calories and only 5g fat.
20.HASH BROWNS. Around 200 calories and 9g fat in 100g..Swap for reduced fat oven chips which have 125 calories and 3.5g fat in 100 g.
21 COD. Supplies of cod in the seas around the British isles are running low due to climate changes and over fishing.Swap for haddock which is just as tasty and has more sustainable stocks.
22 CLOTTED CREAM. Loaded with saturates. 11.9g in two level tea spoons. Swap for single cream. it has 3.5 g saturates in two table spoons.
23 WHITE RICE. There's little fibre and fewer vitamins and minerals than brown rice.. Swap for brown rice as this contains five times more fibre and more vitamin E and B vitamins.

24. HONEYDEW MELON. Poorer source of nutrients than you may think..Swap for cantaloupe melon which contains 21 times more beta carotene and three times more vitamin C..
25. CREME FRAICHE. A Heaped tablespoon has 170 calories, 18g fat and 12g saturates..Swap for fat free fromage frais as this has only 22 calories and no fat in a heaped tablespoon
26. RICE CAKES. They have a high glycemic index and little fibre so wont fill you up..Swap for-oatcakes which are more filling plus contains soluble fibre, which may lower raised cholesterol levels.
27. QUICHE. High in fat, saturates and salt.Swap for pizza, the dough base is usually low in fat and mozzarella is used in place of fattening cheddar.
28. COLESLAW. The mayonnaise content means just one table contain 115 calories and 12g fat. Swap for bean salad which has almost half the calories and a third of the fat..
29. CORNFLAKES.They are low in fibre providing around 1g fibre in a 30g serving ..Swap for bran-flakes as they have only 4.5g fibre in a 30g serving.
30.PORK PIES. One pork pie provides more than 500 calories and 36g fat..Swap for mini scotch eggs-three contains 180 calories and 14g fat.
31. PINEAPPLE JUICE. Doesn't provide as many antioxidants as other fruit juices. Swap for pomegranates juice which is packed with flavonoids that may keep the heart healthy
32. NAAN BREAD. A large supermarket naan can contain up to 400 calories and 7g fat..Swap for tortilla wraps which have 150 calories and only 2g fat..
33. MILK CHOCOLATE. High in hydrogenated oils, white sugar and bad fats. Swap for dark chocolate which has a minimal of 70% cocoa solids. It has been scientifically proven to be a healthier choice. It may taste bitter at first, but you'll soon get used to it!

© 2007 Tony


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