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35 Facts About SUSTA

Updated on February 24, 2011
Olympic Athlete & SUSA Spokesperson Dara Torres
Olympic Athlete & SUSA Spokesperson Dara Torres

SUSTA is a unique reduced-calorie, all-natural sweetener that meets the dietary – and taste – needs of those who want to lose weight, maintain their weight, or who want or need to keep sugar consumption under control because of diabetes or other health concerns.

SUSTA is unique from any other sweeteners that are on the market. If you’re wondering if you should try this product, start out by learning some facts about what SUSTA really is and how it differs from other sweeteners.

35 Facts About SUSTA

Are you wondering if SUSTA might be a good sweetener option for you? Here are 35 facts about SUSTA to help you decide:


1. All-natural

2. Lower-calorie alternative to refined sugar

3. Low-glycemic

4. Great tasting

5. Free from chemicals

6. Not made from Stevia

7. Made with a small amount of fructose

8. A source of vitamins

9. A source of minerals

10. A source of probiotics

11. A source of dietary fiber

12. Natural alternative to chemical sweeteners

13. Safe for consumption by pregnant women

14. Safe alternative to sugar for diabetics

15. Free from the bitter aftertaste many sweeteners have

16. Made only with ingredients that have Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) certification

17. Developed using a formula to promote optimal health and well-being

18. Available in individual serving packets

19. Available in pouches

20. Priced similar to other commercially available sweeteners

21. Widely available at supermarkets throughout the United States

22. Available for online purchase from

23. An ingredient in Healthy Dairy yogurt smoothies and yogurt cups

24. Developed and marketed by NXT Nutritionals

25. Endorsed by Olympic athlete and mom Dara Torres

26. Endorsed by Dr. James R. Gavin III, a physician who once served as president of the American Diabetes Association

27. A vegan product

28. A gluten-free product

29. A wheat-free product

30. A soy-free product

31. A yeast-free product

32. A caffeine-free product

33. An egg-free product

34. A dairy-free product

35. A lactose-free product

Ready to Try SUSTA?

Are you ready to try SUSTA for yourself? Now that you are informed about many of the relevant facts about what SUSTA is, consider trying this healthy alternative to table sugar and artificial sweeteners for yourself. There’s nothing in the product to hurt you, but it’s fortified with fiber, vitamins, minerals and probiotics, so there are things in it that can help you in terms o f health promotion. It also tastes great! You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised to find out for yourself how great SUSTA tastes while also being good for you in many different ways.


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