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How to Cook Sauteed Mungbean or Monggo Guisado

Updated on March 12, 2016
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Roselyn has been a freelancer for 40 years. She had been a street vendor, a baker, and a cook—until she found her niche: writing. :)

Max's Vegetable Dish - CREDIT -
Max's Vegetable Dish - CREDIT -

A Collection of Daily Recipes Suggested for Dinner or Lunch

Homemakers around the world have this dilemma every day -- what to cook for lunch or dinner?

There are so many choices, of course. Delicious foods can be delivered right to your doorstep by fastfood restaurants these days. But the next concern is about nutritional value. Most takeaway bags have goodies inside that are too oily, too salty, and too heavy on the carbo content.

There are 3 options offered in this simplified collection of daily lunch dinner recipes -- vegetables, meat, and fish or seafood. Several cooking techniques are involved and combined to make the dishes taste yummy and look mouth-watering.

The selection of recipes is varied but still made simple. Dishes are alternately served as 'dry' and as 'wet'.

The Dry category includes the fried, baked, roasted, or grilled food often served with salad.

The Wet category basically meant water is added while cooking and produced pot dishes like soup, stew, broth, sauté or with sauce.

Green Mung Bean - also mungbean, mung, green or golden gram (Vigna radiata) Photo credits:
Green Mung Bean - also mungbean, mung, green or golden gram (Vigna radiata) Photo credits:
Tinapa - Smoked Fish by ~MVI~
Tinapa - Smoked Fish by ~MVI~

Mungbean - Nutritional Value

The mungbean has many names but in Filipino, it is called munggo or monggo.

Boiled mungbean is rich in protein and dietary fiber; also in potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and carbohydrates.

The nutritional value of the recipe -- Sauteed Mungbean -- is further enriched with other ingredients cooked with the dish.

Patients with beri-beri were given high amount of mungbean in their diet to improve health and to speed up treatment.

The traditional Munggo Guisado is sauteed with smoked fish flakes (or tinapa) and pork meat. Vegetable choices are varied but the regular veggies include tomatoes and bitter melon shoots (ampalaya leaves).

Pork cracklings are crushed coarsely and put on top as garnishing.

Shrimps may be added during sauteing or used as replacement to the smoked fish. The strong saltiness of the preserved fish may be an acquired taste to diners with a delicate palate.

Smoking is one of the methods used to preserve food like meat, fish, and even some vegetables. The traditional smoked ham is known for its strong saltiness and long shelf life. The smoked fish lasts longer than the fresh fish when both ice and a freezer are not available.

Ampalaya Plant with Flower - Credit Eran Finkle -
Ampalaya Plant with Flower - Credit Eran Finkle -

How to: Munggo Guisado or Sauteed Mungbean


  • garlic, onion, cooking oil
  • salt, water, boullion cube
  • 1 cup tinapa flakes
  • 1 cup pork meat, cubed
  • 2 pieces medium tomatoes, coarsely chopped
  • 2 cups ampalaya leaves, washed and drained (or malunggay leaves)
  • 2 cups raw mungbean
  • 1 cup pork cracklings, coarsely crushed (optional)
  • 1 cup shrimp (optional)

Garlic Cloves
Garlic Cloves
Boullion Cubes
Boullion Cubes

How to Sauté Mungbean

  1. Wash and soak raw mungbean seeds overnight. Boil in a pot with enough amount of water to avoid burning.
  2. In another pot, brown pork meat in medium heat oil.
  3. Add flaked tinapa. Add shrimp, optional.
  4. Push the pork, tinapa and/or shrimp aside to make space at the center of pot.
  5. Drop minced garlic and stir-fry until golden. Add 1 Tbsp of oil if needed.
  6. Cook onion until transparent.
  7. Add tomatoes. Sprinkle a dash of salt over tomatoes and stir-fry until soft enough to mush a little.
  8. Drop the boullion cube and mash it while blending all the ingredients together.
  9. Add boiled mungbean. Cover the pot but stir occasionally to avoid sticking. Using the back of a cooking spoon, mash the mungbean to the side several times to make the soup thick and creamy.
  10. After boiling for 5 minutes, fold in the ampalaya shoots. After 1 minute, remove from heat.
  11. Sprinkle the pork cracklings on top and serve hot.

Ginisang Munggo - Sauteed Boiled Mungbean by roland
Ginisang Munggo - Sauteed Boiled Mungbean by roland

Monggo Guisado is also called ginisang munggo (in Filipino) or mungbean soup (in English).

Alternative vegetables may be sliced ampalaya fruit, squash cubes, alukbati shoots, and saluyot leaves.

Rice noodles or egg noodles may be added as extender.

Fried tofu (or tokwa, in Filipino) cubes may replace the pork meat.

With less water added while cooking, the sauteed mungbean dish is a perfect partner with a bowl of steaming hot rice. It is also a tasty side dish for fried fish or breaded pork chops.

When serving mungbean soup as a special meal, dip each ampalaya leaf in thick tempura batter then deep-fry until golden and use as garnish.

How to cook mungo (mung beans) Filipino Style


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      Janice 4 years ago

      palabok is my favorite but until now i haven't tried cniokog it myself! can you please elaborate how to make and cook the sauce ksi un ang mgpapasarap sa lasa ng palabok eh! un garnishings mdali n lang gawin i think pero un sauce ang talagang gusto ko matutunan..thanks!

    • profile image

      Marie Teng 6 years ago

      yummy! paorder :))