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3Great Thomas Keller Classic French Cook Books

Updated on April 22, 2014

Americas Top Chef, Thomas Keller

The Great Chef Thomas Keller, is one of the most decorated chefs in America, he has won some of the most prestigious awards that the culinary and restaurant industry has to offer, the most notably award giving was in 1996 for best Chef in California, also he has been awarded the best chef in America in 1997 from the James Beard foundation. Thomas Keller is also a cookbook writer, and his recipes are among the best around the world. Below are my thoughts on his top cookbooks.

Classic Thomas Keller Cook Book # 1 : The French Laundry

the cook book the French Laundry is based from chef recipes , where he cooks day to day in his restaurant The French Laundry. 150 recipes are showcased and explained in a step by step fashion, with excellent pictures and in great detailed. Keller , also shares his passion, and expertise of food with you in in this exciting cook book. This cookbook is somewhat of a blueprint for excellent top notch cooking recipes.

French Laundry Cook Book Info

Recipe Items.

  • Chocolate cake with red Beet ice cream

  • Pea shoots and Lobster with Ginger carrot sauce

  • Pan roasted Squab pared with Swiss chard

Cook Book Details

  • Pages: 336
  • Date Published : 11-1-1999
  • Language: English

Classic Thomas Keller Cook Book #2 Ad Hoc At Home

Second on the list is a cook book by Thomas Keller, in witch he shares recipes that are meant to be made cooking in the house for family and friends. This is a cook book that every home chef has been looking for. In Ad Hoc At home Keller shares his favorite comfort food recipes that are dearest to his heart. this cook book has a more rustic style, where as the French laundry is very fine dinning oriented.

Ad Hoc At Home Cook Book Info

Some Recipe Items

  • Flaky Biscuits

  • New England clam bakes

  • Cherry/apple pies

  • Chicken pot pies.

Cook Book Details

  • Pages:368
  • Date Published 11-6-2009
  • English

Thomas Kellers Cookbook Ad Hoc At Home

Classic Thomas Keller Cook Book #3 Bouchon Bakery

Last but not leas is Thomas Keller, Bouchon Bakery. Thomas Keller s is an expert in classic French cookery,and he shares his expert knowledge on French baking in this great book. Through many years of trial and error, these recipes are finally shared with you in a oh ray of dazzling photos and step by step guides that will teach you classic French bakery to perfection.

Bouchon Bakery Cook Book Info

Some Recipe Items

  • Blue berry muffins
  • Banana bread
  • Walnut streusel
  • Cookies

Book Details

  • 400 pages
  • Date Published 10- 23- 2012
  • English

Thomas Kellers Cookbook Bouchon Bakery

Some Food For French Cook Book Thought

Thomas Keller is one of Americas greatest chefs, and his cook books are blue prints on how he cooks in his restaurants. The French classic cook books I mention above have proven cooking restaurant techniques, and recipes, explained to you in a step by step instructional format, and have excellent quality pictures to help you every step of the way. I personally enjoy these excellent French cook books, and if you have a passion for food, then these classic Thomas Keller French Cook Books are for you.


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