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4 incredible Kitchen Appliances for Healthy Eaters

Updated on October 13, 2016

A great deal of attention has been paid to healthy eating habits over the past two decades. Therefore, many Americans have changed their eating habits in an attempt to live healthier and more productive lives. There are some kitchen appliances that can make healthy eating much easier.

Best Appliance That Can Promote Healthy Eating Habits

  • Yogurt Maker
  • Food Steamers
  • Juicer
  • George Foreman Grill

Cuisinart Electric Yogurt Maker
Cuisinart Electric Yogurt Maker | Source

Yogurt Maker

Yogurt makers are widely available and they can assist a person who is trying to eat healthily. Yogurt can be a good substitute for ice cream. As most people are aware, ice cream contains, sugar,fat and cholesterol. Yogurt has less fat and sugar than ice cream and it can be made in a variety of tasty flavors. Therefore, a yogurt maker is a real asset in the kitchen for healthy eaters.

You can easily make yogurt at home and it cost roughly 2.60$ per week is you eat a quart of yogurt in a week. So it is really cost efficient. Also, you can store your homemade yogurt in a refrigerator for about 2 weeks. You can have yogurt in every morning for breakfast. You can make yogurt at home without yogurt makers. But remember gadgets always save time and more comfortable to use.

Hamilton Food Steamer
Hamilton Food Steamer | Source

Food Steamer

Steam cooking is one of the traditional ways of cooking food in the country like India, China and Africa. People of these countries are using this cuisine technique for thousand years but it’s now trending everywhere in the world.

Steamers are a useful tool to have in the kitchen. A steamer allows a person to steam vegetables and meats within a matter of minutes. Steamed vegetables are far better health wise for many reasons. First, vegetables cooked with butter and oil are higher in fat and calories. Steamed veggies have no fat. Steaming does not remove any of the nutrients or vitamins. Steamers retain the actual taste, color and juice of vegetables. Remember you can cook anything with this Food Steamers. A steamer can promote healthier eating habits. The Bella Tier Food Steamer is a real asset in the kitchen.

Breville Juicer
Breville Juicer | Source


A Juicer has gained popularity over the past decade. A Juicer enables a person to create tasty healthy drinks in your very own kitchen. If you think it’s a very difficult for you to eat the vegetable than a high-quality juicer can solve your problem. Juicer is a unique and classy way to make tasty vegetable juice. Tasty vegetable drinks can easily be made in a Juicer within minutes.Drinking fresh vegetable juice in the morning can give you the extra energy boost and it is really a good habit. Raw vegetable juice also increases immunity system. In addition, fabulous juice drinks can also be produced within your very own kitchen. Thus you add a wide variety in your diet list. Having a Juicer on hand can help a person to substitute high caloric beverages like Cola with healthy fruit and vegetable drinks.

George Foreman Grill
George Foreman Grill | Source

George Foreman Grill

A Foreman Grill can also contribute to healthier eating habits. The George Forman Grill first became popular in 2000. In addition, the Foreman Grill has greatly improved over the years. The Foreman Grill allows you to grill chicken, steak, burgers within a matter of minutes. The best part of all is that any excess fat or grease actually drains off while grilling. Therefore, you end up with virtually no fat or excess grease once your meat is cooked.

Eliminating fat and grease from chicken and beef will contribute to better cardio health. Therefore, the Foreman Grill may be a good investment. Frying chicken and burgers allow excess grease and fat to settle within the meat. Even if you use a broiler oven, there is no guarantee that any or all of the fat and grease has been eliminated. The Foreman Grill eliminates fat and is a snap to use and clean.

Comparision Between Those Four Healthy Kitchen Appliances

Yogurt Maker
Food Steamer
Foreman Grill
Suitable to Cook
Vegetable,Rice ,Pasta,Chicken,Fish etc.
Vegetable and Fruit Juice
Any kind of grills like Chicken, Beef, Fish
Best Food to Substitute
Ice cream
Boiled, baked,Fried Foods
Coke,Beer and any kind of soft drinks
Cooked Chicken, Beef and panini

Healthy Eaters Polls

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Healthy Eaters Infographic

Appliances that can Promote Healthy Eating Habits
Appliances that can Promote Healthy Eating Habits | Source


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    • Kitchenapparatus profile image

      Mohiuddin Shawon Mudds 13 months ago from Malaysia

      Hi Kristen, It's very appreciating that you wanna use Foreman Grill.'s my mistake. It will be "IF NOT IS". I will correct it asap. Thanks for your kind attention.

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 13 months ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great hub. My mother used to have a George Foreman Grill and used it a lot, up until she died, 2.5 years ago. Then we threw it out. But I would love to have my own someday. One nitpick on the yogurt maker capsule: I think you meant if you eat and not is. I believe it's a typo. Great hub. I love would love to these other appliances someday, too. Very informative.

    • Kitchenapparatus profile image

      Mohiuddin Shawon Mudds 13 months ago from Malaysia

      Hi Jill, Thanks for commenting. It is great to know that you like this article and it's helpful for you. I don't have enough idea about multi-tiered steamer and doesn't use it yet. I will research about this appliance and will try to update my post.

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 13 months ago from United States

      This article is a good one for me to read right now as my husband has just been diagnosed with diabetes. I am steaming more vegetables than ever now just using a pot with a steaming pot on top, but a multi-tiered steamer would really save time and trouble.