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5 Epic Ways to Cook Outdoors

Updated on March 15, 2016

Summer is sneaking up on us and with it comes the awesome idea of outdoor cooking. While the gas grill can cook a perfect steak in record time, there always seems to something missing. If you are looking to add some flavor and adventure to your cooking try using these 5 methods of outdoor cooking to liven up your outdoor cooking experience.

The Spit

This type of cooking may be more common in some areas than others, but it is definitely not a common backyard cooking method. Spit cooking takes a fair amount of time and energy - depending on the mechanics - but the end result is nothing less than succulent. If you are truly looking for that "lost in the woods" experience you will need to Y shaped branches and one long branch with a handle that allows you to continually turn the meat. If this is something you plan to do regularly you may want to invest in a spit system with a motor that turns your food for you.

Crock Pot

If you rose through the scouting ranks like I did, the crock pot is nothing new. This cast iron contraption is used to cook all sorts of dishes from casseroles to cobbler. This is a popular way to cook over an open flame because it cooks the food evenly without a huge worry about burning it. A simple internet search of crock pot dishes will give you an idea of just what you can do with such a device.

Outdoor Oven

Why heat up your house when you could just let the heat rise into the sky. Building an outdoor oven is not as difficult as one may think and it is surprisingly Eco-friendly. A brick oven offers a unique take on the traditional oven and can give a little extra flair to even the most basic of dishes.


If you are looking for a long term solution, dehydration may be the best route to go. While you could by a normal dehydrator using the power of the sun is more natural and cost effective. There are many ways to dehydrate using the sun, but perhaps the simplest is to place your food between two screens (two window pains for example.)

A Truly Unique Experience

If none of these ideas are new to you then here is one that just might be. Cooking with the power of the sun not only brings out a unique flavor in your food, but also guarantees that you will never go hungry in case of the apocalypse. People have been building their own solar ovens for years, but no one has truly perfected it until now. This bad boy can bake, boil, or fry in as little as 20 minutes which makes it the survivalist's dream. Even if you don't plan on being lost in the woods, this solar oven is a perfect way to cook while conserving energy at the same time. For more information or to get cooking ASAP click on the picture to buy this amazing device today.


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