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5 Summer Cocktails to Enjoy in Winter

Updated on April 5, 2010

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Remember those summer nights...

Winter is now here and this may seem an odd time to write an article about summer cocktails. This is also being written in Northern CA which is colder than Southern CA but does not ever get as cold as say Massachusetts or Maine. But bear with me and let’s think back to those lovely summer days in July when you feel the sea breeze drift through the house, or smell someone grill chicken for the nightly barbecue, or watch the kids cannonball into the pool and you dart out of the water firing zone. Most adults think of summer now as the time to relax on the back porch with a nice beverage enjoying the golden sunlight after dinner. Not so any longer as the sun sets around 4:30. So if the loss of daylight savings time has got you down here is a list of five great summer cocktails to brighten your days.

Mojito (2oz rum, 3 oz mojito mix, and top is off with club soda) Coming from the lovely island of Cuba, this cocktail is sure to cool off even the Arizona desert afternoons or those 100% humid days in South Carolina. Most bars and restaurants are serving mojitos so it should not be difficult to find. If you are already a fan of mojitos here's an added bonus. Try crushing some raspberries into the mojito for added fruit content.

Pomegranate martini (2 oz. vodka, 3 oz. pomegranate mix, and again top off with club soda) Pomegranates may be a winter fruit, but this is one drink to enjoy especially in the spring and summer. True martinis are not always the healthiest drink but pomegranates are known to be quite nutritional. Who knows this could be your healthy cocktail?

Menlo (sweet and sour mix, vodka, with some soda water) I stumbled upon this cocktail one day while helping a friend coordinate a wedding. If you haven’t said thank you to a party/ wedding planner recently then do so immediately. It is not even remotely funny what they have to endure. After the wedding we finally put our feet up and the bartender brought us this drink. Depending on the stress level feel free to have a strong or weak wrist while pouring the vodka.

Bellini (sparkling wine and peach purée) Thank the Venetians for this lovely drink! Just as a side note champagne can only be champagne if it is from the region in France known as Champagne. Just as prosecco is used for Italian sparkling wines and cava for Spanish sparkling wines. American versions of sparkling wine are referred to as California sparkling wine or Oregon sparkling wine. They will use the name of the region or state that the grapes come from before the words ‘sparkling wine.’ So after you decide if you want sparkling wine or champagne you then will add a little of peach puree. Often a bellini is offered at brunch along side a mimosa but peaches are resonant for the summertime. But why only drink them in the summertime? And who said a bellini could only be served at brunch?

Margarita (margarita mix, and tequila) Of course summer wouldn’t be summer without the classic margarita. Cinco de Mayo is usually how people kick off the summer months. After the long winter months most do not want to wait an extra three weeks before memorial day weekend to fully kick-start the summer. Personally crushed ice makes an even margarita.

In the future months do not let the winter days get you down. Throw a sombrero party for margaritas, or serve bellinis for New Years instead of the usual champagne. It’s your party. Cheers!


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