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5 Foods that can Boost Your Sexual Urge

Updated on August 20, 2017

The fact is, intimate relationships are, by large, anchored healthy sexual endeavors. The more pleasurable your bedroom escapades are, the higher the chances of having a fulfilling relationship.

One way to remain actively ready for the bedroom marathons is eating the right food and exercising out often. In this article, we highlight 5 food variations that have been tested and proved to be a good remedy for low sexual urge. Read on.

Common Causes of low libido

1. Sexual abuse in the past

2. Financial or work related stress.

3. Low testosterone

4. Drug and alcohol use

5. Lack of enough sleep

6. Hormonal imbalance

7. Problem in a relationship

5 Foods to boost your sexual urge








Dark chocolate

Pumpkin seeds

Some of the foods may not be very pleasant. But remember, you can only enjoy by sacrificing.


Being sensitive to what you eat and your overall well being can be a big boost to your sexual urge and this can lead to healthier, happier relationships.

Always ensure you have the foods outlined above in your fridge and , surely, you'll experience and improved urge in matters concerning bedroom.


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