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Healthy Foods to Eat Now

Updated on September 19, 2012

If you're like most people, you typically get the same foods at the supermarket week after week. But incorporating different foods constantly can help you live longer and decrease your risk for diseases like diabetes, cancer or Alzheimers. It may seem odd to eat foods you have never heard of but as you experiment with them and come up with good recipes, you'll have more energy and you'll feel better.



Even though buckwheat gets used as a grain, it's really a fruit seed related to rhubarb. Buckwheat is high in fiber and protein, helping you feel full longer and does not cause a spike in your blood sugar. Since buckwheat is a seed it contains powerful phytonutrients similar to ones you find in your common fruits and vegetables. Among many other benefits of buckwheat is the fact that it helps reduce hypertension. Combine buckwheat flour with whole wheat flour to make breads, muffins or pancakes. Add cooked buckwheat to soups or add to a vegetable stir-fry.



Kefir is similar to yogurt but comes in liquid form and has its own unique sweet and tangy flavor. The natural combination of yeast and probiotic bacteria in Kefir contribute to a healthy immune system, increase in energy and a healthy intestinal system. This drink is rich in phosphorus, vitamin B12 and Vitamin K. You can kefir as a substitution for buttermilk, sour cream or yogurt or eat plain like you do yogurt.



A tropical fruit that is native to Southeast Asia, mangosteen has a thick purple rind and is about the size of a tangerine. Inside the rind is a white, creamy flesh that is soft and can be made pureed or juiced. The fruit is rick in anti-oxidants and can aid in fighting off diseases, improving joint flexibility and reducing blood pressure. It tastes smiler to a strawberry with a hint of orange. Serve simply in a fruit salad or squeeze some juice into your savory dishes.



Turmeric is most commonly known for being used in curry recipes and comes from the root of the Curcuma long plant. The bright yellow spice is packed full of manganese, iron and vitamin B6 and can help fight diseases, infections and reduce inflammation in the body. Other benefits of turmeric include preventing plaque buildup in the arteries, improve digestions and decrease osteoarthritis symptoms. Mix turmeric in with chicken, or couscous, or lentils.

These are just four of many different foods out there that you might have to hunt for but are well worth the search. Experiment with different recipes and share with your family and friends to help discover new foods to stay healthy.


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    • Admiral_Joraxx profile image

      Admiral_Joraxx 6 years ago from Philippines

      Wow! really, these foods are great health nourishment. But I think it's only Mangosteen among them, I had eaten so far. Thanks for sharing this Jbrock2041. 1 vote up and useful!


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