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5 Great Places to Get a Steak Near Fort Hood, Texas

Updated on November 24, 2014

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Texas is known for many different culinary delicacies, but none more popular or tasty than a traditional steak. While I don't personally live in Texas, my first visit there came while my husband was training for his year long deployment, with the United States' Army, to Kuwait. Just prior to his leaving the United States, we made it a priority to spend our last few days remaining together indulging in the cultural delicacies of Texas. With exception to a single visit to an Olive Garden for a little Italian food diversity, this following list is composed of steakhouses that we had visited together prior to his departure. Beyond the five restaurants specifically listed in this article, there are a wide variety of good steak restaurants in the vicinity of Fort Hood, mainly in Killeen, which can suit a multitude of tastes and budgets.


Texas Land and Cattle: 3403 E Central Texas Expy Killeen, TX

There are up to seven branches of this well-loved steakhouse in the Fort Hood area, these restaurants pride themselves in evenly-cooked, high-quality steaks. From the Signature Smoked Sirloin to the Lettuce Wedge salad, every diner will find a dish they will enjoy. There are peppercorn sirloins, Texas bone-in ribeyes, and the famous hickory-smoked sirloin which is available in 8oz, 10oz and 12oz. Also available are some really great chicken, seafood and ribs options.

Texas Roadhouse: 3709 E Central Texas Expwy, Killeen, TX

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, corn-fed steak, Texas Roadhouse is the diner for you. The menu also includes a generous list of iced beverages. The online menu is interactive! There are some exciting combo options on the menu, and ten different types of steak. With lots of great appetizers and alternatives, this restaurant would suit a group of people looking for lots of flavour and variety. The sirloin kebab with rice comes especially recommended.


Logan's Roadhouse: 3100 E Central Texas Expwy, Killeen, TX

This restaurant serves terrific steaks at a reasonable price. You’ll find filet mignon, prime ribeye and bone-in varieties, all served in the jazzy, playful atmosphere of the Roadhouse. Perfect for a weary traveller, located right off the highway, this restaurant also offers an impressive list of side orders – everything from battered mushrooms to wings and potato skins. All steaks are hand-cut and Logan’s boasts a wide range of steak burgers and steak sandwiches, for those who feel like a change from the traditional format.


Ryan's Family Steak House: 1104 E Central Texas Expwy, Killeen, TX

Ryans, while not a strictly steak restaurant, still manages to cook up a mean steak. The chefs at this restaurant will cook your steak to order as part of an all-you-can-eat buffet. Tasty sides include Mashed Potatoes, rice and gravy, fresh vegetables, french fries and Ryan’s signature corn bread dressing. Ryan’s is also well known for its fresh desserts and family-friendly feel. A must for any steak lovers who sometimes feel like a little bit more, without paying a lot more!

Outback Steakhouse: 2701 E Central Texas Expwy, Killeen, TX

The first Outback Steakhouse opened in 1998. Now, there are branches at four different Texas locations, including Fort Worth. As well as signature steaks, the restaurant offers a New York steak, a bone-in ribeye steak, and a seared porterhouse steak. The menu has a lot of Australian influences and any number of exciting options, such as teriyaki filet medallions. The restaurant prides itself in large portions and prime filets.

Whichever of these steak restaurants you opt to go to, rest assured that your dining experience will be in safe hands. Whether you like your steak well done or very rare, the steaks plated up in these Fort Hood strongholds will not disappoint. All you have to worry about is working up an appetite!


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