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5 Great Reasons Why I shop at FarmersMarkets

Updated on August 5, 2014

Why shop at farmers markets?

There are many great reasons to shop at farmers markets. At farmers markets people interact with each other and share information on food product procedures, recipes ,and also promote healthy eating and safety food consumption. shopping at farmer markets is a great way to help the local economy and keep the local people healthy and happy.

Reason # 1 - Fresh Fruit And Vegies is a must

Eating fresh fruit and veggies, that are freshly picked off there vines is the best way to consume your food. Phytonutrients are basically the natural chemical in side the plant that helps protect against germs,fungi, bugs,and most harmful elements that may attack the plant. Phytonutrients can help you fight off disuses and keep your body healthy and functional. The fresher the fruit, and veggie, the healthier and flavorful the product will be. In my eyes its all about the fresh-nes of the ingredients,to insure a quality product.


Reason #2 - Bringing the community together.

Heading to your towns farmers market can make food shopping feel more so of a pleasure then a choir. Me personally would rather be out side in the beautiful sun smelling all the freshness of the farmers market, then be in side pushing a rusty food cart around staring at neon lights. at farmers markets you can get a feel of small town life,right smack dab in a big metropolitan city. come to your local farmers market and bringing your kids is a must, or meet your friends and colleagues before you head out for lunch. farmer markets make for the perfect community melting-pot where people from the community share,learn,and experience together,in a friendly no pressure atmosphere.

Reason #3 - Learn some cool cooking tips,techniques,procedures

In most Farmer markets people have access to free cooking classes/demonstrations. In farmers markets there are lots of free information circling around between the farmers and customers. Farmers, ranchers, bakers, and chefs, Love to shop at farmers markets,and most would gladly share there knowledge freely with you. there are also free food and wine preservation courses and various cooking skills.

reason #4 - Help out your local Farming Familys

In the food industry, giant agribusiness rules and controls must food production in us today. when you make food purchase at farmer markets you help out the farmers with greater returns,and more prosperity so that farmers may stay open for business and keep serving you delicious local ingredients.

reason #5 - Learn about where your food comes from

Shopping at Farmers markets is a great way to understand food and to learn where it comes from. While shopping at farmers markets people will engage each other and share knowledge about how different types of food is grown and handled. You can usually find vender fliers with all sorts or tasty information.

Finaly thoughts on the 5 reasons why i shop at farmers market.

Spending time and Shopping at farmers markets is an excellent and fun experience for the whole family. I bring my family to the farmers markets routinely and my son gets to learn and experience all sorts of new flavors and textures. Shopping at farmers markets is relay the best way to go. So remember keep it local folks.


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