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5 Great Syn-Free Slimming World Chicken Recipes

Updated on July 7, 2017

Are you looking for a Syn-Free Slimming World Chicken Recipe

There have been so many occasions when I have looked in my fridge or freezer to find very few tasty offerings, and even fewer that are Slimming World Friendly. That's when I usually turn to the internet for some inspiration.

I know that chicken will always be an easy option to cook and I find that it is usually the most versatile of all the meats too, meaning no matter what type of dish I fancy chicken will nearly always work, or ill find a recipe including chicken as the main component. Plus nearly everyone likes chicken, don't they?

Plus when I'm looking for main meal recipes I also like to try to find the lowest syn ones I can, or if I can, like in this case, syn-free chicken recipes. That way you can save all those syns for something a little more naughty, like something to curb that sweet tooth craving or maybe for a glass of wine or two on the weekend.

So here are just 5 of the best syn free slimming world chicken recipes I have found recently. Use the links provide to get to the recipes if you fancy testing them out for yourself!

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1. Chicken and Chickpea Curry

Slimming World Syn Free Chicken and Chickpea Curry
Slimming World Syn Free Chicken and Chickpea Curry | Source

This is an amazingly tasty and hearty looking recipe from She Cooks, She Eats. A chicken curry is very standard in most peoples cooking arsenal, so a syn-free slimming world chicken curry recipe should be a big hit for many people. What is great about this recipe is that it is something a little bit different, not your usual tikka or korma but a tomato based one, packed with super free and free extras too. And if that isn't enough to sway you it is also a one pot wonder! Yep all made in just one pot, meaning less washing up! Find this tasty looking recipe here

2. Chicken Pappardelle

Slimming World Syn Free Chicken Pappardelle
Slimming World Syn Free Chicken Pappardelle | Source

I love a good pasta dish, actually I could probably categorically say that pasta is my favourite thing to eat, I will pretty much take it in any form, with any sauce and any added ingredients, i've even been known to eat it with just a little added butter and salt after a night out! I found this fresh tasty looking recipe on Good To Know, a brilliant recipe site with tonnes of other great recipes, so check it out for lots more inspiration. This Syn-Free Slimming World Chicken Pasta recipe is right up my street, super simple and made with great fresh ingredients, perfect for the summer time when you want a dish that is a little lighter.

3. Butternut Squash Stuffed with Spicy Chicken and Rice

Slimming World Syn Free Butternut Squash stuffed with Spicy Chicken and Rice
Slimming World Syn Free Butternut Squash stuffed with Spicy Chicken and Rice | Source

Ok so not everyone is a fan of squash, so this may not be to everyones tastes but I love the stuff! I found this super healthy syn free recipe on Slimming Eats, again this is another great site if you are dieting as there are a tonne of helpful recipes on here, it is really worth checking out, or booking marking for a later date. This recipe is pretty easy to prepare it just takes a little time, but the end results are totally worth it, look how tasty it looks. I'm pretty sure you could do this on a smaller scale with marrows of some sort, or use the filling ingredients to stuff peppers instead if you would rather. Fancy trying this out yourself you'll find the recipe here

4. KFC Style Chicken

Slimming World Syn Free KFC Style Chicken
Slimming World Syn Free KFC Style Chicken | Source

This is a very popular recipe that seems to be on everyones 'to-make' list. Slimming World Syn-Free KFC style chicken, its on my list to make next week actually and I'll be following the recipe I found on Fat Girl Skinny. I have seen a few different variations on how to make the breadcrumb style mixture, many use Smash, but this one is using couscous. People seem to rave about the syn-free KFC recipes as they taste better than really KFC and are obviously so much healthier. So if your a fan of KFC these have to be worth a go.

5. Chicken Casserole

Hearty Syn-Free Chicken Casserole
Hearty Syn-Free Chicken Casserole | Source

A Slimming Journey is another great resource for those on Slimming World, with tonnes of great recipe ideas and tips for keeping on plan. A good casserole is great all year round and always a hearty filling meal for the whole family, plus it is usually pretty cheap which is great as Slimming World can sometimes get a little pricey. And of course this one is syn-free making it just that little bit better. This one is crammed full of super-free that it is bound to help boost your weight-loss, plus it means you can have a nice big portion and feel no guilt at all. A great hearty recipe to help those slow weightloss weeks

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    • Qmarpat profile image

      Qmarpat 2 years ago from Northern,California

      I like the chicken and chickpea curry! It's looks really good!

    • sparkleyfinger profile image

      Lynsey Harte 13 months ago from Glasgow

      This is a great post. I do love chicken, so it's nice to see a few new ways of trying it. I'm pinning for later and will be sure to try all of them at some point, although I might miss out the courgettes-- yeuch for me lol.

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