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5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Updated on October 6, 2014

I myself like most busy people I know like to start their day with a nice hot cup of coffee. Have you ever stop to think how good or bad that cup (or two) of coffee could be? I have, not so much the bad but more so the good it could do for me and my everyday health.

As I was saying I was sitting at my table drinking my coffee and wondering if this coffee was benefiting my health in anyway at all. So, I decided to go and do some research about some of the health benefits could be. Here are 5 of the interesting health benefits I found.

#1) Coffee can can help lower the risk of Heart Disease and Stroke.

According to a study people who drink 1-3 cups of coffee a day were 20 percent less likely to be put in the hospital for abnormal heart beat verses those who didn't not drink coffee. Regardless of other risk factors that a person has. I know that fact hit home knowing that my family has a history of heart problems. It may not prevent it but it could lower the risk.

#2) Cancer (Liver)

Research has shown that drinking a moderate amounts of coffee can help lower the risk of developing liver cancer. This was something I would have never thought of or known had I not been reading this particular article. I was truly amazed. I know its not a cure for this particular cancer but, hey its a good start to lower that risk.

#3) Pregnancy

Drinking 12oz of coffee or less then 200mgs of coffee while pregnant shows no major effects on the unborn child such as miscarriage, early birth, or fetal growth. That I was glad to know because I being a mother did drink coffee while I was pregnant but I did cut back. I'm not a doctor so always check with your doctor with theses concerns.

#4) Calories

Now we live in a day and age that everyone is always trying to eat the right things and less of things that are bad for you. Well, a 6oz cup of coffee without cream is only 7 calories! Coffee with half&half cream is 46 calories, and with a flavor cream only 48 calories. For those who like it with just a little sugar about a teaspoon is only 23 calories! That is great I know I'm big on watching what I eat and my calorie intake so finding this out I was really happy and relived that I wasn't ruining my diet.

#5) Antioxidants

Coffee has antioxidants in it such as fresh brewed. As far as the how much antioxidant are in each cup well its still on going research as to this particular benefits. I know that I didn't even know that there were antioxidants in coffee. So hey you learn new things every day!

Who knew that a cup of coffee could do so many things, and research is being done all the time to learn new and helpful things that coffee can do. So I hope you have leaned some new things and helpful things about coffee. Happy Drinking!


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    • yasirchohan profile image

      Yasir chohan 3 years ago from Reisterstown

      I always loved coffee, and now I wanna drink more after reading this!