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5 Health Benefits of Smoothies to know

Updated on June 17, 2013

For people looking for ways to live longer, one good place to look for healthier, longer life is with regular in take of Smoothies which are wonderful fruit extracts that can make for a truly filling and rewarding experience. While many of us love to eat fruits and savour the juices more than the fibers we are missing out on the most important part of the fruits as far as nutrients is concerned. Most of the fruit nutrients are contained in the fiber itself and not the juice and a fruit blend containing both the juice and fiber is what is called a smoothie. Let’s talk about the health benefits of smoothies, specifically 5 of them.

Smoothies Contain a rich blend of nutrients

A typical smoothie contains mix of more than two fruits. This means that while a single fruit juice might contain a particular nutrient, a offers several at a time. For instance, ordinary orange juice is rich in vitamin C but what about a smoothie containing; orange, banana and water melon. That is like having vitamin A, C, K and vital mineral nutrients blend into one filling drink. You can see this as a multi-vitamin supplement taking alongside your regular meal.

Smoothies Help to eliminate free radicals

Smoothies are usually very rich in anti-oxidants which are useful in eliminating harmful effects free radicals on our bodies. Free radicals are produced by the body cells to help fight viruses and bacteria but excessive presence of free radicals or insufficient amount of anti-oxidants leads to a serious side effect in the body such as cardio vascular diseases and certain types of cancer where as fruits and vegetables especially those rich in Vitamin C and E can help neutralize these free radicals. You know that pollution, radiation and other environmental hazards can also produce free radicals which can penetrate our bodies through our skins or from breathing.

Smoothies Boost the Immune System

Besides the already mentioned fight against free radicals, smoothies contain some medicinal properties that can help disrupt the spread and growth of infectious disease causing agents such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. By boosting the immune system, the smoothies make our white blood cells less troubled by invading parasites, in addition they contain potassium, vitamins and other mineral nutrients that improve eye sight, improves skin beauty and aid digestion.

They Help Maintain Healthy Body weight

Smoothies also have a filling effect which reduces the urge to want to eat indiscriminately and without recourse to a proper diet plan. This simply means the temptation to want to take junk food in between meals drops as the filling effect usually works as a good enough break for weight loss watchers. That’s good news for people who don’t want to take weight loss pills but want to lose weight fast. Just keep the smoothies coming.

Smoothies can help fight skin cancer

Are you aware that skin cancer can be fought off naturally in a preventive way of course? For those of us that love sun tanning/bathing treatment, in addition to sun screen, use your Smoothies variety all the time at least for a single meal a day but if possible, all meals on the long run this has a beneficial effect in putting skin cancer where it belongs. Also not that Smoothies also help keep smooth and radiant skin as well, that makes it a natural skin beauty product.


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