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Video hub: 5 Minute Homemade Maple BBQ Sauce Recipe for the Summer

Updated on July 3, 2011

I started making my own BBQ sauce for the summer and was shocked at how easy it is. When I cook on the grill, I like to create stuff. It is not a hobby, but I consider myself creative whether it is with my music, websites, or cooking.

The recipe:

Watch the video below for the exact measurements of these ingredients:

  1. black pepper
  2. garlic powder
  3. ketchup
  4. soy sauce
  5. lemon juice
  6. maple syrup

Video on creating this recipe

Some BBQ Cooks with cool recipes: I own these.

Just mix together all those ingredients and serve.

When to apply the BBQ Sauce to the food:

When you cook on the grill, when applying the BBQ sauce depends on what kind of result you want with your barbecued food off the grill. My father used to make chicken and apply the BBQ sauce before he started the grill. What we got back was burnt chicken as the sauce does not grill that well. Some of you may like that. I don't. To each his own.

I put the sauce on after the food is cooked as you can see in video.

Making your BBQ sauce spicier

I like a little hot spice to my BBQ sauce and since I add the sauce to turkey burgers as in this video or chicken, buffalo sauce works well. Even hot cayenne pepper sauce is cool.

Making your sauce more "mapley"

Mapley: Not a word, but I mean adding more maple.

Just add more maple syrup

Making your BBQ sauce sweeter

I sometimes add apricot preserves to the BBQ sauce.

Making your sauce healthier

Or, for a healthier alternative, try adding oranges or pineapples and pureeing in a blender or food processor and then adding the fruit mixture to the sauce.

Also, if you want to cut down on the sugar and sodium, use half the amount of ketchup and puree some tomatoes. You can also cut out the lemon juice from the video and add pureed lemons.

Be creative, but one thing is for sure, enjoy your summer!


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