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5 Tips to Join the Best Cooking Club (#4 Is a Must in the 21st Century)

Updated on November 21, 2017
Collo muks profile image

Collo Muks is a food enthusiast and an avid lover of Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Hungarian and the east coast cuisine.

Joining a cooking club is an experience that will leave an indelible mark in your life. A cooking club usually consists of both professionals and home cooks, and it is that aspect of diversity that makes it fun and interesting.

Benefits of a cooking club

Cooking clubs offer you a wide range of benefits. The club provides its members with novel recipes that enable them to explore unfamiliar cuisine. This goes a long way in nurturing their cooking skills by exposing them to different types of food

Cooking clubs allows people to talk, interact and dream about food
Cooking clubs allows people to talk, interact and dream about food

Moreover, the members are able to interact and exchange ideas on food and drinks and are therefore able to get plenty of information which they can apply in their day to day cooking. Also, you get to share ingredients and labor.

The best part of joining a cooking club is that you get enormous fun and more confidence in your cooking.

What to look for when joining a cooking club

One of the challenges that most people face is choosing a cooking club. The decision to join a club is very important and should not be taken lightly. Choosing the wrong cooking club could lead to frustration, time wastage, enemity and even loss of interest. It is advisable, therefore, to take your time and do adequate research to avert any future disillusion. So what should you look out for when joining a cooking club?

Below are tips that will help you make an informed decision.

Your Dietary and Culinary needs

Join a cooking club that caters to your needs
Join a cooking club that caters to your needs

When choosing a cooking club, you should be clear about your goals or purposes. Different cooking clubs suit different needs. There are some which focus on meat and you would find only recipes of pork, beef, mutton, chicken among others. It would be a disaster, therefore, if you join such a club and you are vegetarian. Other cooking clubs base on vegetarian meals only, and you would therefore be in a compromising position if you join such a club and you are a meat lover. Therefore, before you join any cooking club, ensure that it is in line with your needs.


Look for a cooking club that has adequate mentorship. The best club should be one in which people interact freely and share ideas.

It's all about learning.......and fun
It's all about learning.......and fun

It should not be like a competition in which people are trying to prove that they are the best. Mentorship can be provided by any member of the group or you can hire a professional chef once in a while. This will greatly improve your skills and you will find cooking more pleasant and encouraging.

Exclusive benefits to the members

If you are joining a cooking club, you should consider the benefits that you will get from the club. You should join a club in which you will reap the maximum benefits.

Reap the maximum benefits
Reap the maximum benefits

Some benefits to consider include: good recipes, cooking video tutorials, cook books and newsletters. The club should be able to organize cooking competitions, either monthly or annually. This will enable you to test your speed, presentation and creativity when you are under pressure. Even though exclusive benefits may require you to incur some charges, it is definitely worth it.


Technology has greatly changed the world and generally how we do things. It is deemed wise, therefore, to consider a cooking club that has embraced technology.

Become digital
Become digital

This will allow you to have online forums for discussions and you can therefore ask any questions relating to food and receive an answer almost immediately. Moreover, you can hold your meetings online through video chats if for instance something transpires and you cannot meet physically. A club that has embraced technology will also be up to date with the latest trends and recipes.


You should look for a cooking club whose members are apt and committed. Sometimes it might be discouraging to be the only person turning up for meetings. The club you choose should have convenient meeting times, meeting venue and astute leadership.

Commitment goes hand-in-hand with a cooking club
Commitment goes hand-in-hand with a cooking club

The leaders should be able to plan activities and consult the members in case there are vital decisions to be made. Always remember that you will get a good experience only if the club members are committed.

Do you intend to join a cooking club? Act now and apply these tips. Rest assured, you won't be disappointed.

© 2017 Collo Muks


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