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5 Ways To Save Money On Groceries. 5 Easy Ways to Pay Less But Eat Better!

Updated on February 23, 2009

Well, times are hard and dollars are tight – and what were once considered grocery-trip necessities are moving further into that luxury category!

Fortunately, in these days of misfortune, you can save a few bucks during each and every grocery shopping trip by changing the ways that you cook and eat. Even more fortunately, making a few small changes will not only help you reduce costs – you will also start eating healthier food that tastes better!

Less money + tastier food = better health…

5 Ways to Save Money at The Grocery Store…And Eat Better!

1. Cut your own meat

You don't need to be a butcher to cut a few pork loin chops off of a pork loin roast – and sometimes those few knife cuts can save you a dollar or two off the price of a pound of meat. Wait for sales on larger "roast" style cuts of meat and in addition to cooking multi meal roast meats or pot roasts, you can also:

  • Cut steaks from the roast and prepare them as usual
  • Cut smaller pieces or trimmings off, and use these for Asian stir-fried dishes

You don't have to finish a package of meat in one sitting – a large portion of meat might last the better part of a week!

2. Try different cuts of meat

Although many of us have grown pretty accustomed to prime rib roast, chicken breasts and pork tenderloin – these are premium items and can cost 3 or 4 times as much as other less popular cuts.

And the beauty part of this is that although the cheaper cuts of meat tend to be tougher, they also tend to have much more flavor – They taste better! And once you know how to cook them well, they will be just as fall-apart tender as any of those tender-but-pricey cuts of meat.

  • Instead of a sirloin roast – try a top blade roast. This chuck roast is beautiful as a pot roast!
  • Instead of chicken breast – try baking chicken thighs or quarter chicken legs – grocery stored are practically giving these cuts away for free!
  • Instead of pork tenderloin – slow cook a Boston Butt on a Sunday afternoon - nobody will complain!

3. Don't buy anything "premade"

The more packaged and processed the food, the higher the price, the lower the nutrition and the worse the taste. Forget about the premade "noodles and sauce" style side dishes in the pantry, and stock up like your grandmother did, filling your pantry with root vegetables and dried beans and rice, etc.

You will have to spend a few extra minutes in the kitchen each night, but you'll save enough to make it worthwhile – and you will eat so much better.

4. Eat with the seasons

There is a reason why asparagus costs a lot in February in Vermont. Stop buying plane tickets for your vegetables. Start buying things that are locally grown and abundant and cheap. Our bodies crave root vegetables in winter anyway.

5. Make soup

There is hardly anything in this world as satisfying and as economical as a big batch of winter Sunday afternoon soup.

Buy chicken backs and bones from your butcher (they may even give you these for free) and make a meaty stock. Add in root vegetables and beans and a few choice herbs and feast on a winter soup for a week - A winter soup that only costs a few dollars to make!

Small changes in buying and a bit less of the "instant" style of cooking and eating is all it takes to make a substantial impact on your monthly food bills. And since it will all taste so much better too, there's really no reason why you shouldn't!


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