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5 Great Choices: The Best Universal BBQ Spits & Rotisserie Kits

Updated on September 18, 2014

BBQ Grill Rotisserie Spits, Kits & Motor: Top Picks

There's an undeniable charm to outdoor cooking in all forms, and the barbecue holds a special place in the culture of many families. But what happens when you want to cook something that can't be grilled traditionally, like a whole chicken, or a rack of ribs, or pork loin? A BBQ rotisserie kit is an easy way to turn your BBQ into a multi-purpose grilling machine.

A BBQ rotisserie kit is fairly simple in concept. They usually consist of a long spit that's meant to fit along the length of your grill, hovering in mid air. There are attachment brackets that lock it in place, attaching to the body of the grill, usually directly underneath the lid. While there are some manual spits, most of the barbecue rotisserie kits available now feature electric motors that do the spinning work for you. They will usually have attachments for different types of food.

Because there are so many BBQ rotisserie kits around today, I've written this article to review a few of the best ones out there. We'll take a close look at five of my favorite BBQ spits and give a quick review of each item. I will also talk a bit about some extra stuff you might want to pay attention when browsing through the options. Let's get started!

Rotisserie Kits for BBQs: Tips and Things to Watch For: - A few things that BBQ rotisserie spits may require.

Here are a few tips for you as you check out different rotisserie kits for barbecues. These are not 'must haves', just my personal suggestions, but they may make the difference between a smart purchase and a grilling dud.

  1. Accessories are king:

    The thing with a BBQ rotisserie kit is that you want the right accessories so you can grill the food you want easily and without headache. Obviously the kit will come with the spit itself, the mounting hardware, and the motor in most cases. but you might also want to look for other attachments. There are extra prongs for cooking things like ribs or pork loin, and they can be really handy.

  2. Does it work with your grill?

    There are a ton of universal rotisserie kits to choose from, and I'll be reviewing items that work with most or all grills. However, there are kits that only work with a specific model. If you're worried about compatibility, either find a BBQ rotisserie spit that's built for your specific grill, or a universal model that'll work with any standard grill setup.

  3. Weatherproof?

    This is one people often don't think of, but unless the motor that comes with your rotisserie BBQ kit is waterproofed, it should not live outside all the time. Most kits are pretty portable and easy to attach or remove. You can leave the spit mounts on the grill, and just remove the electronic hardware. Just be sure to pack it up or an overnight rain can fry the electronics and render it useless.

GrillPro Universal Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit for Grills

A versatile BBQ rotisserie kit with chrome plated accessories

The GrillPro Universal kit is a nice choice for most BBQ grills out there today. The list of barbecues that it's compatible with is long, and the universal brackets will work with almost any design or style. The grilling spit is 31 inches long and has a 6 inch extension just in case.

The chrome plating is a nice thing because it resists sticking when you have to remove whatever you're grilling. It also comes with two 'fork' attachments that let you cook with added stability and support for larger items. It's a best seller, and reviews are positive.

OneGrill Heavy Duty Universal Rotisserie Grill Kit

A top quality universal kit with a super strong motor

The OneGrill Universal rotisserie kit isn't messing around! This is an extra strong kit with a heavy duty motor that's intended to handle a heavy workload. The kit comes with a universal bracket system that can work with most grills out there.

If you have a Weber, you'll have to buy Weber style brackets or improvise. The motor is really strong, enough for several chickens or pretty much anything you can fit on the 53" spit. You probably won't run into any issue with this BBQ rotisserie kit because it's sturdily made and has great reviews, but if you do there's a year warranty.

Weber Rotisserie - A barbecue rotisserie spit for Genesis gas grills.

Probably the best BBQ rotisserie choice for Webers

I wanted to include a good quality Weber style grill rotisserie spit. Weber has its own mounting system for spits and this one is made for the Genesis grill, which is a mid sized barbecue range that they offer.

I really like this one because it's small and low profile, yet the motor is powerful enough for just about anything. It includes two forks that have 2 prongs each to keep your food in place and ensure it rotates.

The fact is, if you have a mid-sized grill and you like this rotisserie, you can probably easily adapt it to work even on a non-Weber. It's certainly versatile, smooth and high quality (as are most Weber products).

Char-Broil Premium Electric Barbecue Rotisserie

A simple and inexpensive universal rotisserie kit for BBQs

This Char-Broil electric rotisserie spit for BBQs is a solid choice if you want a kit that will work with your barbecue but not set you back too much money wise. It's really basic, and you need to manage your expectations a bit if you go for this model.

The motor is strong enough to handle spinning 20 pounds, and the simple wood handled spit is nice and easy to handle, along with the standard forks.

The simple 'universal' mounts may require some customization to work perfectly with your BBQ, but that's to be expected and shouldn't be a problem. It's a little under 40" in length.

Brinkmann: A Top Quality Rotisserie BBQ Kit

A universal kit with a heavy duty integrated outdoor motor

If you want something simple, versatile and universal, Brinkmann offers a good quality BBQ rotisserie spit that should integrate seamlessly with most types of modern grills.

It's straightforward and simple, with stainless steel roasting forks that are weather resistant, and a motor that's as strong as they come. The size and width of the whole kit is adjustable so you can fit just about any type of food or grill.

It also benefits from being one of the most affordable barbecue rotisserie spit kits around, so you won't have to take out a second mortgage to afford it or anything.

Rib-O-Lator Barbecue Rotisserie Spit Kit

Expert rotisserie style grilling with any type of food

OK this is a bonus review, couldn't resist. The Rib-O-Lator was developed to let you cook just about anything using your grill and experience the benefits of rotisserie style grilling.

I should mention right away that this one doesn't come with a motor, but it's compatible with most motorized kits and will fit right in with the ones listed above.

Each of the trays holds a lot of food, and all told you have about 370 square inches of space. It'll fit on most standard spit rods, and you can pull out those trays and put them straight in the dishwasher when you're finished. Worth considering for your barbecue rotisserie kit setup.

Other Cool Grilling Stuff:

While researching, I ran across a bunch of great stuff that would go with a BBQ rotisserie spit. Here are a few of the ones that caught my eye.

Have you grilled with a rotisserie before? Thoughts?

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