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Five essential food items for the women’s health

Updated on October 25, 2012

Healthy body

A sound health also leads to a sound mind. For a healthy body, we should take care that in our diet all type of essential nutrients are involved; especially for a woman it is very important. Now a days 90% of women are working ladies and in this busy schedule of her life, she forgets to take care of her diet which may lead to many diseases. As compared to men, women come across different stages of her life where it is necessary that she must have appropriate intake of mineral and calcium. Belo mentioned are 5 vital food items required for every woman.




Oats: - Oats are rich in very essential nutrients and they have splendid effects on the health of women. It not only contains vitamin B6 but also helps in excellent digestion and controlling the blood pressure levels too. This vitamin is also responsible for changing of different types of mood and PMS. Moreover, the folic acid which is present in oats plays an important role in women’s life before and in the period of maternity also. It keeps you away from the birth deficiency of newborn.



Figs: - This is extraordinarily healthy. It contains quite a lot of minerals and vitamins and it adds up to your daily supply of vegetables and fruits. Iron and calcium are the two important minerals which are insufficient in the women undergoing menstrual cycles and also for the woman who have already crossed the menstrual stages respectively. These minerals are also found in figs. Deficiency of calcium may lead to osteoporosis in women.



Milk: - It is a tremendous source of vitamin C, which is essential for a female health. It would be better if it is combined with vitamin D as available in different types of prepared diary foods and in some kinds of milk. It not only prevents osteoporosis but according to some latest studies, a diet consisting of both calcium and vitamin D would reduce/avoid signs of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome).



Tomatoes:-It contains a pigment called lycopene which is a radiant carotenoid, required for a woman. According to some investigations, lycopene may be helpful in inhibiting cancers related to breast. In fact, there is a significant example, which states that there is a possibility of reducing cardiovascular diseases with the help of this powerful antioxidant. Due to this cardiovascular disease, a lot of females die in England, Australia, US, Wales.



Salmon: - It has a lot of advantages on women’s health. It is not only rich in iron but also with omega-3 fatty acids. Iron, which is an important diet for a woman before menopause and omega-3 fatty acids are helpful in controlling the mood of a woman. Now a day’s women are very much prone to depression as compared to men. So omega-3 fatty acids help in defeating depression and stop the regular change of mood. Taking salmon during pregnancy, helps in increasing infant’s brainpower.


It doesn’t matter whether you are pregnant or not, you are working or not, these foods will make you energetic and juvenile. Your diet should consist of all these foods.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      very informative hub. I consume all the list you have written except figs. Woman should take care of their health too. Too busy with work can be exhausting.