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5 ways of becoming a better cook and make money out of your cooking skills

Updated on January 22, 2013

I was a cook for about twenty four years before I finally established my consulting firm and still run a restaurant business in Nigeria. So all what I will be sharing here are my personal experiences gathered over the period I told you before. So, you can become a better cook too if you pay attention.

You can make decent money from your knowledge of cooking and still keep up with your normal activities. You can say that you outsourced your cooking skill for money, which is okay. After all, what do we labor our self for if not for money?

I some times undertake to cook at different kind of occasions while still studying for my B.Sc whenever I need some extra cash and was afraid of telling my parents.


The shortest and surest way of becoming a better cook is by learning which everyone can do. I was lucky to be born into restaurant business. So I wouldn’t say that I learnt it per say but I still paid the price of forcing myself to do it even when everyone was saying NO. Thank God I did not listen to their advice.

You can start by buying these cooking materials displayed on the right side of this hub. Below are the qualities that you must develop in order to become a highly sought after cook.

You must be disciplined: just like every other facets of life, discipline is highly required in the area of being a cook. You need to discipline yourself to keep all the rules of cooking. For example, you must not over taste what you cook so that you don’t gauge wrongly in adding ingredients.

Don’t take alcohol: alcohol will affect your tastes bud thereby ultimately affecting the end product of what you come out with. So, avoid taking alcohol or any other substance that will affect your taste.

Avoid distractions: you must be focused if you really want to make a good cook. It is very easy for you to lose concentration while cooking. This lost of concentration can cause your food to either get burnt or for you to add the wrong kind of ingredient.

Be quick and time conscious: cooking requires that you be quick, fast and swift. Lazy people cannot make good cooks. Foods are not supposed to be over cooked. Being time conscious will ensure that you strictly adhere to the timings of cooking and adding of ingredients.

Get feedback from those that consume your food: feedback is necessary in all that we do not just cooking. You need to get feedback from the consumers of your food so as to be sure that you are doing it the right. I especially seek feedback from our customers each time I introduce new ingredient into my cooking.

You may learn every recipe that you come across and still will not make a good cook if you don’t abide by the rules I have given you above.

Now that you have learnt the basics of cooking and becoming a better cook what next? Note that I assume you have already bought the amazon cooking books displayed in this hub. What comes next is the conversion of your skills into money.


Sell your skill to those that need it. Yes, you can outsource your cooling skills to many people that are hungry to get the service you can offer. I have helped a good number of women save their marriages by selling my cooking skills to them. Do you now get the point? Better still, you can contract to cook for occasions like I did while in school.

You can even start up a restaurant business and train people to cook good food for your business to grow. My restaurant is running on its own now without my presence. All I did was commit those that I have to the business. There are many ways you can commit people to work endlessly for you. Take hubpages as an example. Hubbers like me have been committed to work for both ourselves and hubpages. You see, you sit down and think of what to do with your acquired skill.

Becoming a better cook is one thing and converting your cooking skill is another thing. I hope you enjoyed yourself reading this? Till I come your way next time. You can subscribe to my RSS to be notified whenever I make new post.


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    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      Sandyspider, Thanks for your comment.


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      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Nice hub.