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5 Ways to Revitalize Rice

Updated on September 5, 2016

What to do with leftover rice . . .

Whether it's white or brown, long grain or short, rice actually keeps pretty well. A box of takeout or the contents of your rice cooker can be kept for days in an air tight container in the fridge. However, it will start to dry out, get hard and crunchy and maybe loose it's flavor.

It's a shame to throw out perfectly edible food, but no one wants to eat a pile of dried out, plain rice. With a few tips and some creativity that leftover rice can be the basis for a great new meal that will save you some money on ingredients and keep your conscience clean by not wasting any food. Here are five different ways to use your leftover rice.

1. Plain and Simple

If you have leftover rice you can just re-heat it in a microwave. Rice can dry out in the fridge or when it gets reheated, so add a few tablespoons of water to the rice before heating it up for warm, fluffy delicious rice.

Another trick is to make a hole in the center of your rice while reheating and place a glace of water in the center. The water will make the air in the microwave humid and will keep the rice from drying out and something about the hole in the middle is more effective with the way microwaves work.

2. Spanish Style

Having Mexican for dinner? Save yourself a step and take some pre-made rice and Spanish it. Put the amount of rice you need into a hot pan. Boil it in some chicken broth for flavor and to re-hydrate the rice.

Add a can of petite diced tomatoes, diced vegetables if you choose, some garlic salt and a dash of cumin. Mix it all together put a leaf of bay on top if you can get your hands on some and let it steam with the lid on for 5 -10 min. depending on how much you're making.

3. Spicy Cajun

This is a simple take on red beans and rice. In a pan heat up some chicken broth to boiling. Mix in the rice, a can of kidney beans, and a can of tomatoes. Spice with red pepper, chili powder, garlic and paprika to taste.

Add some veggies, tofu or sausage and serve when everything's good and hot. It's a meal all it's own or a spicy side dish.

4. Rice Pilaf

A simple way to flavor your leftover rice is to turn it into a pilaf side dish. To start get some chicken broth simmering in a pan, then add your rice to it. Let it simmer a bit and then add some veggies. Let the rice simmer for about 15 minutes or until the water has been completely absorbed/evaporated. Spice to taste and you've got yourself a nice little side-dish.

5. Rice Pudding

A simple sweet breakfast or dessert, your leftover rice can make some delicious rice pudding. In a warm pan mix rice, milk, a dash of cinnamon, vanilla and a pinch of sugar. Stir over heat until it's the desired consistency. So quick and easy. Yum!


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